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Hamidieh people’s lives at risk

It is almost two years that Hamidieh has change from section to new city, But with the passage of

time, changes and services that have been promised to the people to proper improve the city have not been reached. Since Hamidieh located 25 km from Ahwaz capital and by becoming new city could reduce the administrative congestion from capital, but people always for their office tasks and daily activities has to refer to capital.


But the fact is that after passing long time, the establishment of agencies and organizations that are necessary for a city slowed down and Hamidieh people hoped with the establishment of government institutions some of their problems to be solved.


Deprivation consequence in Hamidieh


Hamidieh city despite the short distance to the Ahwaz capital but the deprivation is visible in everywhere in city.  Consequently majority of people and especially youth who are In fact, one of the key elements for regional development, migrated by compulsion to find jobs on other areas, where they are to work and most of these jobs are not even at the lowest social status.

In addition to migrations, another serious problem that must be considered, which is a cultural phenomenon that has gripped majority of the people in Hamidieh city. Hamidieh city with 4 thousand 841 people has allocated highest illiteracy in Khuzestan province.

Mohammad Taghi Zadeh, Khuzestan Director General of Education in interview with Hamshahri newspaper by stating the high number of illiterate people in Hamidieh said: “200 thousand from 650 thousand illiterates in Khuzestan province are students ‘parents.”

The parents are going through Literacy Plan that is conducted by education’s ministry to educate themselves, where each parent is studying 400 hours between 4 to 5 months. But Taghi Zadeh did not mentioned that how the student’s parent are going to education where unemployment rampant all over Al-Ahwaz, and parent has to think about job and life’s necessities in first step rather than studying!!

Currently among the children of illiterate parents, Hamidieh city with 4 thousand 841 people is in the first rank of highest literacy. Then the Showour city with 4 thousand 291 people has the second highest literacy. Third place for the city Falahiyeh (Shadegan) with 2 thousand 362 people are illiterate parents.

Lack of health facilities

Saied Fayozi, Governor of Hamidieh city by referring to the lack of health facilities in Hamidieh said:” Hamidieh health and medical Centre can not respond to the people’s needs and the people of Hamidieh city are suffering from a lack of specialists in the health center.”

Fayozi by not mentioning the number of persons who are severely ill or died due to lack of insufficient medical equipment added” Hamidieh health Centre suffers from many medical capacities such as laboratory equipment, radiology rooms, good beds, etc.”

Hamidieh governor by indicating that, three billion Rials has been dedicated to “Rahyan Noor”Convoys in each year where he did not express any comments about widespread illiteracy, drug outbreak, destruction of historical relics and youth immigration to the Iranian central cities due to rise of unemployment among them.

“Rahyan Noor” Convoys is a trip to Al-Ahwaz land in which university’s students from Iranian north cities register their names with aim of visiting holy war land (Iraq-Iran war 1980 to 1988) but in hidden the Iranian authorities systematically make the student and their parents familiar with places and offer them good job and accommodations opportunity to encourage them to settle down in Ahwaz regions in order to change the demography of Al-Ahwaz.

Frequent interruptions in Hamidieh’s water 

As Ahwaz region in general and Hamidieh city in particular are suffering seriously from long-term drought and extreme water scarcity, the Iranian authorities sacrificed the lives of 10 million of Ahwazi people by implementing its illegal project in transferring Karoon water to Isfahan, Kerman and Yazd Provinces in order to revive its seasonal Zayande Rud River at the death expense of Karoon River.


Meanwhile Sayed Sharif Hoseini, Ahwaz’s representative in the Iranian’s House of Assembly said, “weak supervision for the most part in Hamidieh city is applied, Public health is critical and insufficient drinking water sources is not enough to meet the Hamidieh population’s capacity that causing frequent water interruptions.”


Hamidieh city and suburb, which is one of the Ahwazi important cities that provides large amount of agricultural crop and majority of the people’s life depends on agricultural, where by water diversion scheme most of people loses their job that leads to rise in unemployment and poverty.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

Member of International Association of rights and freedoms




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