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Water crisis in Macharieh village

The month-long water cut has set the tone for the migration of villagers downstream of the Karun River.

Macharieh village, under the jurisdiction of the Howizeh district, has more than 1100 families with a population of about 460, located at the end of the Karun River and at the estuary of the Howizeh Marsh. Historically, the village’s economy was based on buffalo farming and growing rice, but in recent years, due to the reduced flow of the Karun and the drying up of the Howizeh Marsh (also known as Hor Al-Azim), both agriculture and livestock farming have faced numerous challenges. This is exacerbated by the continued misguided policies on dam construction and inefficient water resource management, resulting in a lack of clean drinking water for the residents.

Recently, the village’s drinking water supply has been entirely cut off, and there’s no news of any water tankers arriving. Given the exhausting heat, ongoing fires in the Hor Al-Azim, and suffocating smoke, the villagers are facing severe hardships. The water shortage has prompted some locals to migrate to Ahwaz and Dasht-e Misan (Dasht-e Azadegan).

Previously, the village’s drinking water was sourced via an old and decrepit pipeline from the Karun River, but unfortunately, due to the river’s dryness, the several-kilometer distance to the Rafi’ city’s purification plant, and the deterioration of the network, the village is practically facing a water crisis.

Villagers, especially the local council members and the village head, have been appealing to the Howizeh district water authority, the governor’s office, and the district office for several years to address this issue. However, so far, no action has been taken, and no one is taking responsibility.

Hossein Bouazar originates from Ahwaz and stands as a fervent champion for human rights. Deeply connected to his Ahwazi Arab heritage, his literary works illuminate the adversities faced by this community. An outspoken critic of the Iranian regime, Hossein bravely highlights the grave human rights violations inflicted upon the Ahwazi Arabs. Through his compelling narratives, he seeks to amplify international consciousness of the challenges the Ahwazi Arabs encounter. His prose resonates as a defiant call for a world that upholds the inherent rights of every individual, irrespective of their ethnic roots or background.

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