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Gheizaniyeh an Ahwazi city with +600 oil wells and no drinking water

In protest of the water shortage problem, the people of Gheizaniyeh closed the Ahwaz capital – Omidiyeh major road and stopped the traffic on this transit road on Saturday the 23rd of May 2020.

Although some provincial officials described the demands of the Ahwazi people as “a legitimate claim,” the protest was met with a violent crackdown by Iranian police, injuring a number of people and detaining a large number of others.

“Gheizaniyeh” in Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) province, the largest area of Ahwaz city, includes two mega villages called “Meshrahat” and “Gheizaniyeh”, which includes five sub-villages and a population is approximately 25,000, in which the main occupation of the people of this region encompasses with agriculture and livestock.

According to locals, there are 40 villages without plumbing in the area that are supplied with mobile water tankers.

The Khuzestan Plain was once the best place for agriculture in geographical so called Iran. According to experts, however, the plain, as a result of unprincipled exploitation of water, unscheduled water projects and the construction of several dams, has now become a semi-arid land where agriculture is no longer considered a professional occupation.

This has caused many farmers and ranchers in the area to stop working and migrate to other cities.

On the other hand, the lack of educational, health and social infrastructure in many parts of the area, which is not only rich in oil but has suffered the most in the Iran-Iraq war for eight years, is a deep wound that is occasionally met with new dissatisfaction and deprivation from Iranian occupation regime.

Videos from Gheizaniyeh 

In the following video shows that after nearly two decade of perusing the lack of drinking water by Gheizaniyeh residents to various Iranian departments to solve the problem, but all attempts were unsuccessful that led them to close the Ahwaz capital – Omidiyeh major road (highway) by stones in a move leading to hear their voice by administrative leaders were the Iranian occupation regime forces has fired live bullets to the demonstrators, injured some of them and arrested some others.


shooting toward peaceful demonstrators

The second video is a small report speaking about the misery circumstances that Gheizaniyeh residents are suffering from. The resident are saying that every two weeks there is only one water tanker is coming to the village and the area having lack of infrastructure in various types such as no schools, the roads are not asphalts, no mosque and all the young are unemployed. One resident said we are deprived from all basic life necessaties.

Third video is about the young man from Gheizaniyeh area speaks about their suffering of the area that has no water for more than a month and he said that we referred to all Iranian department but they did not response to us. The Iranian officials do not pay attention to us and the only way that they look to us when we close the main roads they will shot us by live bullets and either killing or injuring us. 

Fourth video is from an old man speaking that whenever we talk about our need for drinking water, the official in Gheizaniyeh quickly labelled us a Wahhabism. We are not Wahhabism we are only having demand for drinking water nothing else. Anyone who is sending reports so is not telling the truth, we want water.

Last video is about the visit by Iranian supreme leader representative visit to the child that been by Iranian occupation police forces live bullets (hunting gun) but by looking to the child face it shows that the video is taking under forces to absorb the Ahwazi anger against the occupation regime.

The Gheizaniyeh suffering is too long and despite the promises been made by different Iranian responsible, but it remains as only verbal and not practical.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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