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Health and psychological drop of Ahwazi activists in Australian Christmas Island

ADPF’s Media centre has been informed by it’s sources about an

deteriorating health situation of Ahwazi activists and their families that are detained in Australian Christmas island camps since the 13th of August 2013.


Media centre has received their names and they are:

1- Ibrahim Saddam Maiaee – 30 years old male – married and has a five years old child.
He has a bachelor degree in accountant, and he came to Australia escaping from the terrorism of the Iranian government, after they arrested him for 5 times facing the worse types of psychological and physical torture.
Mention that his son has been kidnapped by the Intelligence of the Iranian regime earlier when he was in Al Ahwaz, and he’s son still suffers from a very bad mental situation.

2-Ahmed Thuhrab Moqemi – 30 years old male – married and has 2 children (Ghazal – 5 years old girl and Amjad – 2 years old boy ) where Ghazal is suffering from a very bad mentally situation because she was in the Iranian jail for more than 1 years .

3- Mohammed Sayed Hamid Bashti – 31 years old male – married and has 2 children (Adel 11 years and Abdulghaffar 4 years old).
Need to be mention that Mohammed Sayed is being tracked by the Iranian regime because he changed his doctrine.

It is worth mentioning that there are huge number of Ahwazis are held in the camps of the Christmas island on Australia, waiting for the Australian’s government’s procedures to accept them as refugees.
They are escaped from the criminality and the brutality of the Iranian government, looking for a place to live with dignity and freedom of speech, which they can express their opinion and to continue their struggle.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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