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The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the Iranian terrorist plot to assassinate Mr. Ahmed Obali 

The Iranian regime, along with their terrorist intelligence services, made an assassination attempt against Mr Ahmed Obali, one of the prominent leaders of Turk-South Azerbaijan, and his son Deniz in California, USA, over the weekend. This vicious attack resulted in severe beatings inflicted by a group of six individuals. It has been reported that the perpetrators have been apprehended by the US police. Currently, Ahmed Obali’s condition is critical, while his son is receiving intensive care at the hospital. 

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights urges the American authorities to initiate an immediate investigation into this heinous terrorist attempt. It further emphasizes that such assaults have been ongoing for years, targeting activists from oppressed non-Persian nations, with Ahwazi activists falling victim to numerous acts of Iranian terrorism. The recent attack on the South Azerbaijani leader stands as compelling evidence of Iran’s criminal behaviour of its ruling clique. Consequently, the Ahwazi Centre condemns all Iranian crimes, extremism, and acts of terrorism perpetrated against activists from non-Persian nations. It calls upon the international community to take decisive and deterrent measures to counter Iranian terrorism, halt the regime’s machinery of killing, and put an end to its crimes against humanity. 

Mr Faisal Maramazi, the Executive Director of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights, emphasized the solidarity and alliance between the Ahwazi and South Azerbaijani nations in their shared struggle against Persian chauvinism, represented by the oppressive Iranian regime. In his statement, Mr Maramazi condemned and denounced the crimes committed against South Azerbaijani activists, highlighting how such incidents provide evidence of the positive impact of the national movement, particularly the South Azerbaijani national movement, which advocates for the liberation and independence of the Turk people in South Azerbaijan from the totalitarian regime of Iran. Mr Maramazi expressed his heartfelt wishes for a swift recovery for activist Obali and his son Deniz, emphasizing Mr Obali’s unwavering determination to continue the struggle for humanity. 

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights 


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