Ahwazi Activists at Risk of Execution as Iranian Occupation Security Forces Relocate Prisoners, Amidst Reports of Killings of Human Rights Activists during Eid Fitr Celebrations

Reports from Ahwaz have come in detailing the relocation of six Ahwazi activists from Ahwaz prison to an unknown location by Iranian occupation security forces, following the recent execution of Habib Chaab. These activists had previously been sentenced to death, and their families are now expressing concern that their loved ones may face the same fate as Chaab.

The move by Iranian occupation security forces has sparked fear among the families of the relocated activists, who are unsure of their loved ones’ safety and well-being. The Ahwazi people have long been subject to discrimination and persecution by the regime, with many activists and dissidents facing imprisonment, torture, and even execution.

On Sunday, April 23rd, 2023, the Iranian occupation regime killed Aref Sharifi, an Ahwazi human rights activist. Sharifi, a resident of Maashour city, was riding his motorcycle to celebrate Eid Fitr when plainclothes security forces suddenly and without warning, killed him. The following day, on Monday, April 24th, 2023, the Iranian occupying regime killed another Ahwazi, Farhan Al-Kaabi, from Shuibiya. Al-Kaabi, who was dressed in new attire to celebrate Eid Fitr, was met with a police siege of his home and fatally shot with live ammunition.

These recent events have only added to the growing concerns and fears among the Ahwazi people. The execution of Habib Chaab, a well-known Ahwazi political prisoner, has already garnered widespread condemnation from human rights organizations and the international community. His execution was seen as a blatant disregard for human rights and an attempt to silence dissent in the region.

The relocation of the six Ahwazi activists sentenced to death has only served to exacerbate these fears and concerns. The families of the activists are now calling for the immediate release of their loved ones, and for the Iranian occupation regime to end its persecution of the Ahwazi people.

It is important for the international community to stand in solidarity with the Ahwazi people and condemn the actions of the Iranian occupation regime. The Ahwazi people have the right to freedom of expression, association, and assembly, as guaranteed by international human rights law. It is the duty of the Iranian government to uphold these rights, rather than to suppress them through the use of violence and intimidation.

As the situation in Ahwaz continues to unfold, it is crucial that the world does not turn a blind eye to the plight of the Ahwazi people. The recent killings of Aref Sharifi and Farhan Al-Kaabi are just the latest in a long line of injustices suffered by the Ahwazi people, and it is up to the international community to hold the Iranian occupation regime accountable for its actions.

Ahwazi Center for Human Rights

by Ali Bouazar

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