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The Iranian occupation regime has executed an Ahwazi political prisoner

According to a reliable source within Al-Ahwaz quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights, the Iranian occupation regime has executed an Ahwazi political prisoner in the early hours of Thursday the 28th of January 2021.

Ahwazi prisoner Ali Maotairi, a political prisoner arrested in April – May 2018 and sentenced to death by an Iranian criminal court in Ahwaz capital on charges of “moharebeh” and “corruption on earth”, was executed on Thursday the 28th of January 2021.

Ali Maotairi, 30, an Ahwazi boxer, was arrested by the Iranian security forces at his father’s house on May 07, 2018. Martyr Maotairi was charged with “Moharebeh” and the false accusation of murder of two Basijis, under the names of “Bashir Hamidi” and “Hassan Karun Bahmanshir”, and was sentenced to death in January – February 2019.

In order to confirm the murder of two Basijis, martyr Ali Maotairi and two others from his friend were forced to confess under barbaric torture, and the Iranian Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz sentenced them to “moharebeh” and execution based on the same forced confession under torture.

Following the appeal against the death sentence, the verdict was referred to Branch 33 of the Iranian Supreme Court in Tehran, and the judges approved the verdict on July 14, 2019, after reviewing the contents of the case.

Martyr Ali Maotairi was deprived of having a defense lawyer in the early stages of the case, and a substitute lawyer was in charge of defending him in court. Due to security pressure, the appointed by the security service’s lawyer did not provide accurate information about the case to Maotairi ‘s family. 

“I have nothing to lose, what to write and where to sign so that you can execute me,” Mr. Maotairi after barbaric torture said to the interrogator agent from the Ministry of Intelligence.

It is worth mentioning that political prisoner Ali Maotairi along with four other Ahwazi prisoners named Jassem Heydari, Ali Khasraji, Hossein Silawi, and Ali Mojaddam sewed their lips together on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, in protest of the ban on the meeting, mistreatment of prison officials and also against the death sentence went on strike.

(Iranian) Government news agencies reported the execution as “the execution of an ISIS member” to tarnish the image and the reputation of the political prisoner. But the people of Al-Ahwaz know very well that this regime is ten times worse than ISIS, and that these hasty executions have no reason other than the fear of being collapsed by these brave young people.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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