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The Dire State of Human Rights: Iranian Government Set to Execute Ahwazi Activist Abbas Drees

As the world continues to strive for progress in human rights and justice, the Iranian government’s actions remain a cause for deep concern. In the latest distressing development, the Iranian authorities are on the verge of executing Ahwazi activist Abbas Drees. This imminent act exemplifies the severe violations of human rights perpetrated by the Iranian government, signalling a troubling disregard for basic freedoms and justice.

Abbas Drees, a prominent Ahwazi activist known for his dedication to advocating for the rights of the Ahwazi people, now faces an unjust fate at the hands of the Iranian regime. His tireless efforts to shed light on the long-standing issues faced by the Ahwazi people in their homeland, including discrimination, marginalisation, and cultural suppression, have brought him into direct confrontation with the Iranian government.

Abbas Drees’ case is emblematic of the broader struggles faced by Ahwazi activists who dare to raise their voices against the oppressive policies of the Iranian government. Ahwazi activists consistently face arbitrary arrests, prolonged detentions without trial, and the threat of execution for peacefully expressing their concerns and aspirations for basic human rights in their own homeland, Alahwaz. This pattern of repression has stifled the Ahwazi people’s legitimate calls for justice, equality, and cultural preservation.

The impending execution of Abbas Drees underscores the long-standing concerns surrounding Iran’s human rights record. The Iranian government has consistently demonstrated a blatant disregard for international human rights standards, stifling freedom of speech, assembly, and association. Independent human rights organisations have repeatedly raised alarms about the use of torture, arbitrary detentions, and unfair trials in Iran, highlighting the urgent need for systemic change.

The international community has a crucial role to play in addressing the human rights crisis in Iran. Governments, organisations, and individuals alike must raise their voices in unison, demanding an end to the unjust treatment of Ahwazi activists and an immediate halt to the execution of Abbas Drees. By taking a firm stance against these violations, the international community can send a strong message to the Iranian government that such actions will not go unnoticed or unchallenged.

Calls for Action:

1. Immediate Stay of Execution: The Iranian government must halt the execution of Abbas Drees and provide him with a fair and transparent trial, free from political interference.

2. International Pressure: Governments and international organisations should exert diplomatic pressure on Iran, highlighting the gross human rights violations and advocating for the protection of activists like Abbas Drees.

3. Media Attention: News outlets and journalists should continue shedding light on the plight of Ahwazi activists and the broader human rights crisis in Iran, bringing attention to the urgent need for change.

4. Support for Ahwazi people: Civil society organisations and human rights groups should provide support, both moral and practical, to the Ahwazi people, amplifying their voices and advocating for their rights on the global stage.


The imminent execution of Ahwazi activist Abbas Drees serves as a stark reminder of the alarming state of human rights in Iran. The Iranian government’s continued suppression of dissent, particularly within the Ahwazis, reflects a gross violation of fundamental freedoms and undermines the principles of justice and equality. It is imperative that the international community stands united in denouncing such violations and demands accountability from the Iranian government. Only through collective action can we strive for a world where human rights are cherished, protected, and upheld for all individuals, irrespective of their ethnicity or beliefs.

Hossein Bouazar, a passionate advocate for human rights hailing from Ahwaz. With a deep-rooted connection to his people, the Ahwazi Arabs, Hossein dedicates his writings to shedding light on the challenges they face. As a vocal critic of the Iranian regime, he fearlessly exposes the human rights abuses perpetrated against the Ahwazi people. Through his poignant words, Hossein aims to raise global awareness about the injustices experienced by the Ahwazi Arabs. His writings serve as a powerful voice, challenging the status quo and advocating for a world where the fundamental rights of all individuals, regardless of their ethnicity or background, are respected and protected.

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