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Arrest of an Ahwazi preacher after his return from Kuwait

The reliable source quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that a force belonging to the Iranian intelligence service has arrested Ahwazi preacher Mr. Ali Khanfari, and taken to an unknown destination after the raid on his home in the “Kut Abdullah” neighbourhood of Ahwaz capital on Thursday the 28th 0f September 2017.

The source confirmed that the “Iranian intelligence and national security” ” hit the security cordon around the house of the detainee and terrified residents of the neighbourhood and fired shots, led to terrorized the people nearby. After the Iranian agents inspected detainee’s home, they took a number of books and cell phones and personal belongings.

According to a close source, the Iranian intelligence services accuse the prisoner Mr. Ali Khanfari work to promot the doctrine of “Sunni”, noting that he is a resident of Kuwait and was arrested while he was in Ahwaz on a private visit to his family.

Moreover, the family called on the Iranian occupation authorities to disclose the fate of their son and immediately release him, calling on all human rights to intervene urgently.

Mr. Ali Khanfari is married and has two children, had been arrested on several occasions by the intelligence services and was severely tortured for months in the intelligence detention centre.

In similar context, the Iranian intelligence service has raided the house of an Ahwazi citizen named as Shanan Neysi and arrested his son and took him to an unknown location by the dawn of Saturday, September 30, 2017.

Informed sources quoted that the Iranian intelligence service arrested an Ahwazi young, named as “Gheyam” Neysi son of Shanan, after the raid on his home in the “Tasfiyeh” on the path of the “Dagaghelah”, which is 18 kilometres away from Ahwaz capital.

Despite of wide search of the detainee’s family, but the Iranian intelligence service has not yet given any information on the reasons for his arrest.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemned the arbitrary arrests carried out by the Iranian occupation authorities against the Ahwazi political and cultural activists, expressing deep concern over the fate and safety of the detainees.

The centre believes that the occupation authorities and its security services organs continue to conceal the fate of Ahwazi Arab detainees in its prisons amid reports of systematic killings by the authorities to liquidate the detainees.

The Monitoring and Documentation Team at the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights revealed that thousands of Ahwazi detainees face a mysterious fate in the prisons of the occupation, pointing to the documentation of 590 Ahwazi detainees in the security branches, including women who were subjected to torture and abuse.

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