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A story about the tragedy that hit Ahwazi people by deliberate water dam opening

Many peoples in this world suffer from the unexpected criminal actions by cruel government’s, which they are well known by their racism for different social classes and groups in the country, 

I will tell this sad story about one of the Ahwazi Farmer (profile picture), this story is a live example about the Iranian government brutality actions against Arabs in Iran.

This farmer has his own land, he is planting the golden wheat for long time ago, it’s the only source for his living income, it’s everything that he has… He was ambitious, energetic and optimistic this year to harvest his wheat crops, it’s the harvesting time… He slept that night and having the beautiful dreams.. the harvesting festival .. family will gather .. eating together.. enjoying the work together … gathering the crops .. unfortunately it was a nightmare , it was not a dream .. he waked up and he wished that he didn’t a live to see these black moments,,, all his gold wheat crops drowned in water .. his crops land became a river for this criminal government,,, they open the water dams deliberately to destroy Ahwazi people’s crops .. he didn’t even imagine that one day he will ride a boat to move over his land which is fully drowned by dams water .. 

He still didn’t believe that this is truth, he thought he is still living in a dream … 

Just look at him… He is picking up his drowned crops with his hands … Tears can express his deep sadness about his crops …

Words were unable to describe his feeling after this image … 

Be Mercy for the people’s on Earth .. to get the mercy from the God.

Written by: Mrs Fatemeh Al-Ahwazyah

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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