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Meligith village surrounded by oil wells / cancer waiting villagers

Meligith village with a population of 554 and located in 25 km away from Ahwaz capital. With 140

oil wells around the village, right of the people from this wealth are contamination, infections, and pollution.

Acid Operations and stimulation Fluids Company that is subset of Iranian National Drilling Company, by discharging polluting substances around the village, in place where the drinking water pipe is crossing, puts people’s life in village at risk.

The exploitation units of Iranian national oil and gas Company also present around the village, which is producer of various kinds of contaminants in the environment.

The high rate of unemployment has forced many of young people of the villagers to immigrate to other places seeking for a job just to fulfil their basic needs.

The unemployment comes while the area has numerous oil and gas companies, but the local Arab people have been denied of getting jobs. Instead, the entire employment opportunities are granted to Persian people who came to the region by the central government.  Destitution and impoverishment have led to a massive exodus of the people particularly young generation of the Meligith village to other cities.

10% of the 50 graves available at cemetery of the village belong to those who have cancer and respiratory problems, before age 40, have died.

Although promises given by authorities, for improving the village, merely appeared lip services, no commitment has been put into action.

Here are some pictures that shows the tragedy:

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