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Families of Ahwazi Arab prisoners sit Karoon prison in protest against their children’s health deteriorating

Trusted sources told the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that dozens of prisoners’ families and activists protested in front of the Karoon’s notorious prison in the capital city of Ahwaz on 28th December 2014, to protest against the deterioration of their children’s health conditions and their rejection of Iranian policy towards the prisoners.

The protest came after the families of prisoners arrived to the prison to visit their children and they were surprised by telling them that their children were on hunger and their parents visit strike to protest against the inhumane treatment and failure to provide the necessary treatment for some of the prisoners suffering from serious diseases and not transferred to the medical centres by the prison administration, and after that the parents and the families’ protest moved in front of administrative centre of the prisons in the capital city of Ahwaz and demanded officials to listen and fulfilment of their demands.

The hunger strike of the Ahwazi prisoners continues as of the writing this report and Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights published a detailed report a few days ago on this subject and the bad situation that the Ahwazi prisoners are facing. Also the ACHR published the name of prisoners who were seriously ill and the necessary treatment failed to provide for them.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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