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Human rights activists are sending a letter to the US Embassy in London on the nuclear deal with Iran

Human rights activists are sending a letter to the US Embassy in London on the nuclear deal with Iran

8th May 2018

Faisal Fulad, Secretary-General of the Gulf-European Centre for Human Rights; and Faisal Maramazi, Director of the Ahwazi Center for Human Rights and Nabiyeh Al-Ahwazi from Ahwazi Women committee, on behalf of 13 human rights organisations, sent a letter to the US Embassy in London, capital of the United Kingdom today, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, to support the American President to end Nuclear agreement with Iran because Iran has not respected the agreement since the signing of the agreement in 2015.

Faisal Fulad in an interview said that “the Iranian regime has exploited the nuclear deal as an appropriate opportunity to continue the sectarian and violent approach against the stability of the region, including the violation of the human rights of the peoples of the region by supporting armed militias in some countries in the region and continuing oppressive approach against non-Persian peoples in Iran, including increased executions and arbitrary arrests”.

Shortly after the nuclear deal, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said the Iranian regime would continue with the same political, security and intellectual path in the region and the world without any change. Khamenei added that the nuclear deal with major powers would not change Iran’s policy to confront the “arrogant US government” and Iran’s pro-terrorism policy in the region, such as Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon. Non-Persian peoples were suppressed such as execution, detention and enforced disappearance under the pretext of fighting the United States and the association of peoples’ with some American organisations.

Faisal Fulad added that “according to the nuclear agreement between Iran and the international community, the agreement or joint action plan compels Iran to refrain from continuing nuclear enrichment for 15 years and open its nuclear facilities to IAEA inspectors, but Iran is hiding its nuclear program and threatening the stability of countries with ballistic missiles”.

Therefore, Faisal Fulad urged US President Donald Trump, who has continued to strengthen US sanctions against Iran, to end the nuclear deal with Iran because Iran has not honoured its obligations under the nuclear agreement or the “Joint Comprehensive Action Plan”. Iran is trying to use the agreement as a cover for its activities aimed at controlling neighbouring countries in the region (interfering in conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen). It also continues its missile tests, which is a violation of the spirit of the agreement. Therefore, international law prevents Iran from threatening the stability of the States of the region and the continued clandestine nuclear activities. Hence, the United States has the right to end this alleged agreement that opened Iran’s hands to destroy the region and kill many people.

Faisal Fulad also called on the US president to increase pressure on Iran after the discovery of uranium enrichment in a secret location and add the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the list of terrorism because the Iranian Revolutionary Guard funds more than 80 thousand fighters in Syria, supports Hezbollah in Lebanon, Houthi in Yemen, more than 60 militia In Iraq and violence in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

List of Organisations signed the letter:

1- The Gulf-European Centre for Human Rights
2- Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights
3- Baloch Observatory for Human Rights
4- Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society
5- Organisation of the Global Message for Human Rights
6- World League for Rights and Freedoms in Europe
7- Karama Human Rights Association in Bahrain
8- Lebanese Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights
9- Yemeni Coalition for Human Rights
10- The Global Campaign to Support the Non-Persian People’s Revolution in Iran
11- Syrian Observatory for Documentation of War Crimes
12- Arab Human Rights Information Portal
13- Arab Observatory for Trade Union Rights and Freedoms

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