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Children death by catastrophic air pollution in Al-Ahwaz

Al-Ahwaz’s cities and villages has faced severe air pollution that exceed 66 time the standards level according to the local Iranian media (ISNA newspaper) that caused thousands of Ahwazi Arab people to enter hospitals in various place of Ahwaz on Sunday and Monday 21-22 of February 2016.

According to reliable source within Al-Ahwaz quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that catastrophic extensive dust and sand storm has covered the Al-Ahwaz cities such as Ahwaz capital, khafajiyeh (Susangered), Houweyzeh, Abadan, Mohammereh and Fallahiyeh where it led to death of Ahwazi Chilren and adults.

In a most grief and saddened report a name of Ahwazi infant (Surname of infant is Bawi in Ahwaz capital) with only 10 days of age, due to air pollution and lack of necessary medical facilities while the hospital authorities have received treatment cost earlier from child’s family died on Tuesday 23 of Februray 2016.










picture of an Ahwaz infant

In similar context two other kids named as Foad Helfi (pictured left) with age of 13 living in Malashiyeh district in Ahwaz Capital and a girl with age of seven that sources could not identify her name while ACHR received her photo also died on Monday 22 of February 2016.

Also an adult named as Sadawi Tewiranian with age of 70 reported to be died due shortness of breath after severe dust storm hit Al-Ahwaz.

At the same time due to poverty and miserably life condition in Al-Ahwaz, source reported that an Ahwazi Arab man named as Hassan Salemi from Khafajiyeh (Susangered) married and has kid with age eight sets fire on him self and died by burns and lack of medical supervisionson Saturday 20 of Februray 2016.









picture of Hasan Salemi

So far the Iranian authorities did not take any serious steps to stop dust storm phenomena that were appears bydiverting Ahwazi river’s water to the otherIranian cities such as Kerman, Qom and Yazd. The only step been taken was schools and office closure that would not help in disappearing the sandstorm in Ahwaz.









picture of air pollution and referrals

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the Iranian harmful plans in diverting Ahwazi river and making Al-Ahwazregion as most polluted region in the world since 2011 and due to high mortality rate caused by pollution that Iranian authorities are not declaring actual figures, the Centre warns All human rights organization and defenders that Iranian authorities are applying slow death to Ahwazi Arab people and pleading to take necessary steps to stopping Iranian vicious plan against Ahwazis.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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