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Al-Ahwaz: Iran intensifies its arrest against Ahwazi Arabs by building new prisons

The Iranian security forces has stormed Ahwazi Arab homes in “Khalaf Moslem” village in Susa city and arrested six men and took them to unknown place on Saturday 20th of February 2016.

According to reliable sources, Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has verified the following names:

1)          Jamal Aldin Chobeyshat with age 24,

2)          Asad Kenani son of Habib with age 17,

3)          Maher Abdullahi (Kaabi) son of Ghasem with age 24,

4)          Hamzeh Dabat son of Abbas with age 23,

5)          Riad Chobeyshat son of Mohammad with age 22,

6)          Deraam Kaabi.

Eye witness has informed ACHR that Iranian security forces, that was accompanied by large number of intelligence’s masked men brutally raided Ahwazi Arab

homes which led to Intimidate families of “Khalaf Moslem” village.

Despite of vast and extensive search about their sons, the detainee’s families could not find any answer from intelligence service where authorities did not express any comment about their arrest.

It worth to mention that detainee Jamal Aldin Chobeyshat is son of Ali Chobeyshat who executed with Yasin Mousawi in June 2014 with charges of “acting against national security” and enemy with god.

Mustafa Nazari, the public prosecutor of the Iranian court in the city of Susa told local media that security forces so far arrested more than 80 Ahwazi youth on charges of acting against national security, corruption on the earth, enemy with god or involvement in the targeting of settlers since March 2015, as saying on.

In related context Ahwaz revolutionary court by judgement of “Malakian” has confirmed nine years’ imprisonment for three Ahwazi activists on charges of forming a group for propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran and names as follows:

1)          Mohammad Haidari, son of Jabbar, 24 years old, accounting student, from Khafajiyeh (Susangered) city,

2)          Adel Haidari, son of Jome’a, 22 years old, from Khafajiyeh (Susangered) city,

3)          Reza Haidari, son of Khalaf, 26 years old, from Ahwaz capital.

According to source within Al-Ahwaz quoted to ACHR that detainees were denied from having lawyer to defend them while they were in intelligence service or in court where eye witness said the detainees were tortured and beaten physically and morally in prison.

So far the Iranian government has closed Karoon prison in Ahwaz capital a few day ago with argument of there is no detainee in Al-Ahwaz, where reliable sources in al-Ahwaz stated that Iranian authorities has built another new prisons such “Shahid Cheraghi” prison in Sheyban city and other in Abadan and Elhaii cities.

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