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Ahwazi child death due to Iranian municipality negligence

According to reliable source from Al-Ahwaz quoting that an Ahwazi Arab child that have only

16 months from the age, died on Tuesday the 22nd of November 2016, after being sank in an opened wastewater (seweage) in one of the Ma’shour city’s area in Al-Ahwaz.

The source added that Ahwazi child named as Faez Hardan (Lafteh por) son of Nasser that has only 16 months from age, his body was pulled lifeless from the centre of the open sewage while the district is lived by majority poor Arab with many children playing in the street.

The Ahwazi people has gathered after the tragic death of the child in front of a victim’s home until late and chanted against the mayor and officials of Ma’ashour for lack of safety and not providing safe environment for children and leave the sewer door openly that is threatening Ahwazi child with death.

In another context related to Ahwazi children, Raghad Sari son of Abbas with age of three, while she was with her parent that are Mr. Abbas sari with age of 41 and Mrs Zohur sari, died in “Ayatolah Karami” hospital instantly after Iranian security forces opened fire on the vehicle of her parents’ car on Monday evening the 24th of October 2016.

Ahwazi children also suffering from lack of educational need where according to the state-pro media, Ardeshir Shojaee the deputy director of Elementary Education stated that 30 thousands and 100 of Ahwazi apprentice could not enter preschool stage due to Iranian state carelessness and negligence in assigning appropriate financial investment.

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