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Randomized and arbitrary arrests in Al-Ahwaz

Reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that Iranian intelligence service has arrested number of Ahwazi Arabs and took them to unknown location on Tuesday the 26th of April 2016.

According to source, the intelligence service has raided Ahwazi workers that employed in the construction of buildings sector in “Om Elghezlan” district that is located in northeast of Ahwaz capital and arrested three of them and transferred them to an unknown location.

The ACHR could identified following names:

1)          Majid Zergani, 33 years old and living in “Om Elghezlan” district

2)        Jalal Farajalah Kaab, 25 years old and living in “Zouyeh” district,

3)        Zeya Hussein Sari from “Althoura” district.

In similar context, the Iranian intelligence service has arrested an Ahwazi Arab man named as Hassan Hamid from Zergan city, northern of Ahwaz capital.

Mr Hassan, 17 years old while was preparing for his wedding was arrested on Wednesday the 10th of May 2016. Mr Hassan was arrested previously before where his parents were not able to identify the place of detention so far.

The detainee’s families demanded from human rights organizations to exercise its obligations to put pressure on Iran to stop the abuses practiced by the Iranian security and intelligence organs against Ahwazi Arabs.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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