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More oppressive, unfairly verdict issuance and arrests against Ahwazi Arab youth

Informed sources reported to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that the Iranian court has issued the 7-years

imprisonment sentence against Ahwazi activist, after one year of his arrest.


According to sources, the Iranian Revolutionary Court in the capital city of Ahwaz sentenced Emad Beit Mesha’al, aged 21 years, to seven years in prison for the charges of carrying out propaganda and calling for gatherings against the Iranian regime.

The sources confirmed “that Emad Beit Mashaal been exposure to severe psychological and physical torture at the hands of Iranian security forces in order to extract confessions from him, saying that the Emad Beit Mashaal was transferred to Ahwazi capital’s hospital due to the severity of the torture he endured.

Mr. Emad Beit Mashaal’s family appealed to all human rights organizations to immediately intervene to help saving their son, which suffers from diabetes and his condition worsen from time to time due to the intense pressure and torture he received in the cells of the Iranian intelligence.

In similar context, local sources in Al-Ahwaz, confirmed that the First Division of the Revolutionary Court in the city of Qounatireh north of Ahwaz capital, headed by Judge Mehdi Aamada issued sentences to Mr. Maitham Farajallah Kaab with age 25 years from Ahmed district in the city of Susa (Shush Persian name) to one-year imprisonment on 10 September 2016, on charges of joining the libertarian organizations and aim of destabilizing the internal security through its activities in social networking pages.

The Iranian intelligence agents has launched the rabid campaign against Ahwazi Arab activists, in which the troops raided the Abu Allayj village south of Ahwaz capital, and arrested Mr. Ibrahim Saeed Sheybani and took him to an unknown location on Sunday the 16th of October 2016.

According to reliable source quoted to ACHR that three Ahwazi Arab young from Ahmed district of Susa city that been arrested in September, their name been identified.

The names are as follows:

1)         Hassan Banitamim son of Jalil with age of 19,

2)         Hussain Dabat with age of 30, was arrested on 6th of October 2016,

3)         Hussain Berisam son of Mohsen with age of 21, was arrested on 8th of October 2016.

In similar context the Iranian intelligence service has arrested four Ahwazi Arab youth from Sheyban city without prior notice or stating the reason for arrest on Sunday the 7th 0f October 2016.

The detainee’s name are as follows:

  1. Mr Majid Anafja with age of 27,
  2. Mr Hussein Mayahi
  3. Mr Jamil Zobeidi
  4. Mr Reza Shahitat

There is no news about the Ahwazi detainees up to written of this report where the detainees’ families are asking the human rights organizations to put pressure on Iranian authorities for revealing their son’s fate.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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