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Iranian authorities prevent Ahwazi farmers from farming

Iranian authorities issued a decision, which prevents the Ahwazi farmers from farming this year.

According to document received by Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) in which it confirms that the

Iranian authorities preventing Ahwazi farmers from farming this year.


The document confirms that in the event of one of the farmers farming, will pursue legal by the Iranian security authorities.

The authorities also justified the decision lack of water behind the Karkheh dam and the needs of people for drinking water.

In the interview with an Executive Director of ACHR, Mr. Faisal Maramazi said “ Iranian authorities deliberately preventing Ahwazi farmers from farming where authorities knows that this vicious policy forces Ahwazis to sell their land and migrate from their homeland.”

This policy of aggression carried out by the Iranian authorities, contrary to international laws, because it threatens the lives of millions of Ahwazi Arab people, “ Mr. Maramazi added.

It should be noted that agriculture, the only remaining source of income for Ahwazi citizens, After Iranian authorities denied them from working in government departments, and in the case of preventing farming, Ahwazi farmers will face serious problems and their lives and their future will be threatened with extinction, policies that under taken by authorities to change the demographic face of Al-Ahwaz.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right condemns the Iranian authorities preventing Ahwazi farmers from farming and calls to United Nations special rapporteur Mr Ahmad Shaheed to put pressure on Iran to stops its destructive polices against innocent Ahwazi Arab in south and Southwest of Iran.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right


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