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Amnesty International meeting with participation of Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights in Beirut

A meeting held in Amnesty International in the Lebanese capital

Beirut on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 to discuss human rights violations in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria and Iran and crimes committed by the hands of Iranian authority’s mercenaries against the Arab people in Arabian gulf countries and non-Persian people in Iran.

Member of Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) lawyer Shatha Jrissat has been participating in this meeting and had a moving speech delivered to the audience addressed on the State of the Arab Nation and the suffering of the Arab people living under oppression and injustice, including Ahwazi Arab people, that are suffering from the ravages of oppression and deprivation at the hands of the Iranian authority and suffering of Ahwazi Arab children from the right to learn in mother tongue.

The meeting started at 9 A.M in Beirut local time and Mrs Neda Kashef from Beirut started her speech about Lebanon and Syria and what people are suffering from suppression of terrorist group, and then ACHR member Mrs Jrissat started her word about Ahwazi Arab people miseries at the hand of Iranian authority where Al-Ahwaz is most polluted and hottest region in the world after Iranian authority built mass dams on Ahwazi rivers and diverted their water to other cities like Qom and Kerman and Yazd, and Ahwazis are forbidden from naming their children in Arabic names and even can not study in their mother tongue language. Last speaker was Mr Qasem Joubor from Iraq and spoken about Iraqi people tragedies and conflicts and unstable situation in Iraq.

The lawyer, Shatha Jrissat was suffering from illness and difficult for her to attend the meeting, but insisted in attendance to reach the world a message that there are people are struggling for freedom and a decent life.

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