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Death, wounding and arrests against three Ahwazi young

Sources of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights(ACHR) has informed the news of death of the Ahwazi young man named as Mr. Hossam Kaabi (Dabat) on Friday, July 8 2016 at the Ahwaz capital’s hospital after being shot by security forces on Monday, June 20 2016.

Mr. Kaabi, 23-year-old was injured during armed raid by security services to his home in early hours of Monday June 20 where he tries to get himself to safe place but the security officer has shot him which led to his injury and wounding.

Kaabi’s family is accusing the Iranian authorities for not being responsible to give sufficient medication and treatment to martyr Hossam Kaabi that led to his death on Friday, July 8 2016.

The Iranian authorities has accused Hossam many other Ahwazi young to take part in the attack on the Hawza mullahs who were gathered in a “Karkheh forest” place near to Susa city on 18 April 2016, where they were beaten by unidentified persons.

The funeral of the martyr Hossam Kaabi has taken place on Tuesday, July 12 with the participation of large numbers of his relatives and friends to be buried in “Khodreh” Cemetery in the city of Susa where people were chanting slogans denouncing the crimes of the Iranian authorities against Ahwazi Arabs.

In similar context, the Iranian security forces chased an Ahwazi citizen in the way of the “Alboromi” village, named as Salman Haidar al-Haidari and shot him, injuring his shoulder and leg on Friday, 1 July 2016.

The sources confirmed to ACHR that the state of Mr. Salman is critical, especially his leg that could be cut in the “Gholestan” hospital of Ahwaz capital.

Salman is one of the Ahwazi young activists in the cultural field, but every time the Iranian intelligence always prepare false charges against Ahwazi activists to get rid of them.

Sources confirmed to ACHR that the security service has arrested Ahwazi citizens in the city of “Khur mosa” and they are Safi Naseri with age of 50 and his son Ghadir Naseri with age of 19 on charges of participating in the murder of two officers in the detective department on Monday, 20 June 2016.

Sources also confirmed a tribal quarrel happened and ended by mutual consent of the two parties with each other but it did not amuse Iranian security forces where the last raided a house belonging to Safi Naseri and then forcibly assaulted his daughter of 13-year-old in front the family.

After girl insult, Mr. Naseri’s relative and neighbours has protested in place that led to clashes between the two sides where an Ahwazi citizen seized officer’s pistol and fired toward officers leading to the death of lieutenant, “Jawad waisi” and his colleague “Manouchehr Karami”.

Both detainees were transferred to “Nawa” prison in Maashour (Bandar-e Mahshahr, Persian name) prison in order to be sent to court to issue a ruling on charges of targeting security, Ali Reza Aghajari attorney general said.

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