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“Forced into unbeing” conference in London to uncover mass graves perpetrated by the current Iranian regime

By participation of large number of humanitarian organizations involved in Iran’s affairs and to uncover the

crimes of the current Iranian regime especially related to mass executions, which tens of thousands of political prisoners from various non-Persian nations, as well as from the Persian people, especially the Mujahidin Organization massacre in the Iranian jails in 1988-89, British capital, London, was held a conference in Metropolitan university on Friday the 14th of October 2016 to disclose series of heinous crimes committed by Iranian regime since they came to the power on late seventies.


The conference started by 17:00 BST by the speech of Mrs “Karen Bennett” senior research fellow, director of the human rights and social justice research institute in London Metropolitan university and conference chaired by “Bill Bowring” professor of Law at Birkbeck college and human rights barrister.

Mrs Shadi Sadr from Justice for Iran and human rights lawyer spoke about mass graves in Iran and showed the geographical map of mass grave in Ahwaz capital that contains 177 victims’ body and Rasht city contains 131 victims’ body. Mrs Sadr showed the map of all Mass graves in different part of Iran where the crimes were committed by the four Iranian official that are as follows:

1)         Current Justice minister Mr. M  PourMohammadi,

2)         Current deputy at the supreme court of Iran Mr. H  Nayeri,

3)         Mr. M  Eshraghi, Attorney at Law,

4)         Current head of the Astan Quds Razavi Mr. E  Raeisi.

Mr. Henrikas Mivkevicus, member of the United Nations working group on enforced and involuntary disappearance spoke about Iranian regime forced disappearance cases where he said that there are 542 case of forced disappearance available against Iranian regime and 19 case of them been identified and 523 case remains anonymous.

Mr. Mivkevicus added that the Iranian authorities did not cooperate seriously with the UN delegation of forced disappearance, where he said that the last time that UN mission visited is in 2004 and so far the Iranian authorities has not appointed any date for the visit, despite our determination to visit.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Haidari one leader of the Patriotic Arab Democratic Movement in Al-Ahwaz, as well as Mr. Faisal Ahwazi director of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights and the Secretary General of the Arab Popular initiative to confront the Iranian regime aggression were an Ahwazi delegation that participated in the conference, where Mr. Abdul Rahman spoke about the execution, which carried out against the three brothers (Taha,Abbas and Abdul Rahman Haidari) from Mallashyeh and emphasis that keeping silent about executions’ crime is not commensurate with the goals of the human rights institutions.

Mr. Faisal Ahwazi also participated in the conference by remembering the attendees, horrific massacres that took place in Al-Ahwaz over the past years of the occupation and the most important was “black Wednesday” massacre in the city of Mohammareh and what followed from mass executions at the hands of the criminal Sadegh Khalkhali and the Revolutionary Guard, which killed more than 400 inculpable Ahwazi citizens, stressing that the Iranian regime‘s executions, random arrest and forced disappearance is not limited in the past, but it is still ongoing at this moment and said the last executions carried out in the Al-Ahwaz during the past two months(Amouri’s brother from Ghalea Kana’an district and three brother from Hamidiyeh city) and also the execution of the entire Baluchi village men with the false charge of drugs as its been said by Mrs Shahindokht Mulavardi the current Iranian president consultant shows the continuous crimes of the Iranian regime against non-Persian nations and the world.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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