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The launch of the Arab initiative to confront the Iranian regime .. “Faisal Al-Ahwazi” the secretary-general

Arab human right activists and organizations from 8 countries, has launched the “The Arab popular initiative to encounter

the aggression of the Iranian regime,” on Thursday the 18th of August 2016. The Arab initiative aims to confront the Iranian regime by all means and detecting its conspiracies and stopping Iran from raging war against the Arabs in all Arabic countries.


The members of general secretariat stressed that the initiative will operate under the umbrella of the law taking advantage of Arab capacities of civil society, organizations, intellectuals, writers for the noble goal.

The General Secretariat of the initiative after the election that was conducted, formed as follows:

1)  (The secretary-general Mr. Faisal Maramazi (Al-Ahwaz,

2)    Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Mohanad Alnoeimi (Syria),

3)    Official spokesman and Media spokesman Lawyer Shatha Jreisat (Jordan),

4)    Member of General Secretariat Dr. Naima Mahjoubi (Morocco),

5)    Member of General Secretariat Dr.Mohammed Shadi (Lebanon),

6)    Member of General Secretariat Activist Abdolraghib Al-Azani (Yemen),

7)    Member of General Secretariat Dr. Abdullah Balochi (Baluchistan),

Member of General Secretariat and General Counsel Dr. Faisal Fulad (Bahrain).

The founding statement is as follows:

The Arab countries in general and the Gulf states especially did not pass on through the plight of the enemy that is a liar and a hypocrite such as the Iranian state in the current era of the mullahs’ regime, The fascist and racial regime began its career after taking power in 1979 with massacres against Ahwazi Arabs, South Azerbaijani Turks, Kurds and the Baloch in what so called a geographical map of Iran after scattering promises and dreams of the Rosary happy life for the oppressed people and soon it doubled their oppression and hang them.

After imposing its authority by force and executions against the innocent non-Persian Nations at the hands of its bloody racists executioners and its ilk such as the Sadegh Khalkhali head of revolutionary courts and Admiral Ahmed Madani navy chief, it has expanded its war against all Arab countries beginning with Iraq to stop the march of development of a more advanced and timely development of Arab States, to run a protracted war lasted for eight years decimated human, crops and planting where the Persian War machine did not stop, despite the magnitude of the human and material losses that only managed to victory to National Heroes of former Iraqi army.

And then the Iranian regime has established the sectarian parties affiliated wholeheartedly in Arab countries such as Hezbollah in Lebanon since 1982, and its branches in the Gulf states in some Arab countries forcing some cheated Arab categories to work for its favour and against the interests of their home countries. Arab governments did not bother and did not give enough attention in terms of the security to those suspicious movements where finally led to the attack of the Gulf states at the hands of fifth columnists.

Then the fascist regime of the mullahs in Tehran that wearer falsely mantle of Islam, exposing itself in phage way to attack the holiest Muslim sanctities and during pilgrimage seasons in 1986 and 1989 to frighten innocent pilgrims, and regime did not stop there and attacked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1994 in a residential complex in Al Khobar bloody attack.

Then the regime of the mullahs attacked Iraq in 1991 and sent its agents from the Badr Brigade that was formed as a military arm since 1985, as well as the Revolutionary Guards with the end of the second Gulf War. The regime then entered Iraq in 2003 after the fall of Baghdad, to make Baghdad as the back garden of the mullahs’ regime and advanced front to hit the Arab states, and this fascist regime planting wickedness again in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2011 by its clients and the fifth column there and threatens the stability of this Arab country.

Then the regime entered Syria to turn it into rubble and widespread destruction since 2011 by sending its sectarian militias and mercenaries of the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij and Hezbollah in Lebanon.  The regime turned the Syria from the Arab metropolis to the ruins and mass destruction and war crimes against humanity and the displaced, fleeing both durable parts of riding the horrors of danger and almost certainly death to reach to any country where the security, safety and stability.

The mullahs’ regime then moved Yemen front compelling Saudi Arabia to wage a defensive war to protect its southern borders and protect the Yemeni legitimacy from the collapse and death at the hands of the Houthis and the forces of the ousted Saleh, who managed the mullahs’ regime to make them obedient tool and a gun in their hand against the legitimate Yemeni where regime admits supplying them with uninterrupted weapons and ammunition.

All of this the tip of the iceberg for this bloody regime, which did not leave a ploy by money or ideology to used it against Arabs and their countries pacifism, and did not leave a pact or a covenant where it violated.

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