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An execution of three Ahwazi Arabs by Iranian regime

According to reliable source quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that Iranian authorities has executed three Ahwazi Arab activists in central prison of Ahwaz capital on Wednesday the 17th of August 2016.

The Iranian authorities has arrested more than 20 Ahwazi Arab activists from Hamidiyeh city on April 2015 (1) where most of them been released on expensive financial bail and sentenced three of them to death and four to long-term imprisonment.

(1) https://acfh.info/en/ahwaz/index.php…

The three Ahwazi Arab young that were executed are as follows:

1) Qais Obeidawi son of Saleh, 25, a graduate of law,

2) Ahmed Obeidawi (Qais’ brother) son of Saleh, 20, graduate of high school,

3) Their cousin Sajjad Blawi (Obeidawi), 26, law student.

Following Ahwazi activists has been sentenced to long term imprisonment:

1) Muhammad Helfi, 25, sentenced to 35 years in prison in the city of Yazd,

2) Mehdi Sayahi sentenced to 35 years in prison in the city of Yazd,

3) Mehdi Moa’rabi sentenced to 25 years in prison,

4) Ali Obeidawi sentenced to 25 years in prison.

All detainees are being forced to give forced confession that been took under barbaric torture in the detention number 14 in the Karoon prison where their confession been recorded and broadcast by European banned channel “Press TV” after two moths of their arrest.(2)

(2) https://acfh.info/en/ahwaz/index.php…

The Iranian judiciary system (Revolutionary court) has charged the victims with “Moharebeh” (Enemy with god), “Efisad fi alarz” (curroption on earth), against Iranian national security, shooting “light path” convoy, attacking and shooting at police Shelter.

Source close to the family of victims quoted to ACHR that three Ahwazi that been sentenced to the death penalty has been detained since their arrest, (one year and three months) in solitary confinement in the Intelligence Detention Centre. The families of executed has visited their beloved sons only once after their death sentence been issued on June 2016.

The family of victims has been drifted by security forces and left Hamidiyeh city and settled near the Ahwaz capital and currently they are under pressure to emigrate from the region. ” source added.

The source had brought up an important point in this case and stated that “”the Chief Justice and the prosecutor, before the court sentencing the victims said the defendants will be executed in public.” It shows clearly that the judiciary system with coordination of intelligence service has prepared the execution plan against Ahwazi Arab victims where the process itself is illegal.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has warned the Iranian authorities at the time of the arrest of victims (3) and believes that the death sentences and long prison that were issued, was after trials that were held behind closed doors and without allowing the accused to defend themselves where confessions been taken under barbaric torture in the Iranian Intelligence Service solitary confinement.

(3) https://acfh.info/en/ahwaz/index.php…

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the death sentence penalty and long term imprisonment rule that were issued against defend less Ahwazi Arab youth where the court are having lacks of the minimum standards and calls upon all human rights organization and defenders to put pressure on Iran to stop the execution of non-Persian nations under false pretext.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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