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An Ahwazi Arab student’s physical punishment by non-Arab teacher in Susa

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has received video that shows Ahwazi Arab student’s harsh punishment by non-Arab teacher in a high school in the city of Susa a few days ago.

Sources confirmed to ACHR that the school name is Shariati and the teacher name is Ghodrat Karami in Susa (Shosh) city north of Ahwaz capital.

The teacher seated Student in a corner chair and by heavy notebook and then violently punched the student in his head, neck and face fatally while the student crying and screaming.

Mojtaba Dinarvand head of education department in Susa city has approvedthe integrity of the video and said” “” the student’s naughtiness in classroom has raised the teacher’s anger “by losing his self-control” and led to penalized the student.!!”

Mr Dinarvand also said “there will be punishment for the student who has shot the scene and will be strongly treated as having a mobile in the school is against the rules.” This statement shows that Iranian educational authorities are attempting to hide the teachers’ crime against Ahwazi Arab student in particular and other non-Persian nations in general.

There are huge number of reports of teacher’s crimes including severely beating and torturing Ahwazi students as well as making fun of non-Persian student when they can not pronounce the Farsi words and sentences but due to fear of being persecuted by Iranian educational or intelligence authorities, families are keeping silent about their beloved ones’ tortures.

Iran Leads the World in Executing Children where two core international human rights treaties, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, prohibit the imposition of the death penalty for crimes committed before the age of 18. Iran has ratified both treaties. Many Ahwazi Arabs local activist believe that teacher’s barbaric act was motivated racially.

To watch the video please click HERE

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