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Self-immolation and death of Ahwazis by Iranian authorities

An Ahwazi young man named Laftah Silawi from the Malashiya neighbourhood in the outskirts of the Ahwaz capital committed suicide after pouring gasoline on himself and then incinerated that led to his death on Monday the 8th of August 2016.

Reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that Mr. Laftah was suffering from the psychological pressures caused by Iranian systematic economic deprivation, unemployment and racial discrimination against Ahwazi Arabs.

In similar context, another Ahwazi Arab young committed suicide named as Mustafa Na’ami in recent days due to poverty and being isolated from the community that led to his death.

Many psychological expert believes that if frustration came to human, life will become meaningless and existence of no importance to him and the world is not worth living due of the psychological pressures like (inertia and economic deprivation and …), human will think of committing suicide and that obvious plans using by Iranian authorities to increase the rate of self-immolation and suicide between Ahwazis.

An Ahwazi Arab worker named as Ismail Shawerdi (Khanafereh) from Falahieyh city has carried out self-immolation and sets himself afire and died due to unpaid salary for more than six months on Friday the 27th of May 2016.

(*) https://acfh.info/en/ahwaz/index.php…

Iranian forces killed an Ahwazi teacher when he was on a hunting mission in the village of “Shamaryeh” in the western city of Ahwaz Busaiteen on the Saturday,August 6 2016.

Reliable sources quoted that an Ahwazi teacher named as Sayed Jaafar Mousawi with age of 33 while he was in hunting mission, was shut dead on Saturday the 6th of august 2016.

The crime was accompanied by the tension and decongestant among Ahwazi Arabs where the Iranian authorities did not accept the responsibility where an Ahwazi citizen was targeted by the Iranian border guards in the Alkhafajiyeh city.

Medical negligence in two different part of Al-Ahwaz cost the life of a two Ahwazi women where both of them has passed away after giving birth shortly.

Mrs Badria Mazreah from “Abu hemitheh” town and 35-year-old died after giving birth of her child due to heavy bleeding that caused by the doctors ‘negligence during the birth process, and the other reason is the lack of medical instruments and medicines required and necessary for patients, which caused the death of a mother of two after the birth shortly.

An Ahwazi women died from the “Laft” town in “Jesm” island ‘s hospital a few days ago as a result of deliberate medical negligence by hospital staff during the childbearing process.

Sources could not identify the details of the dead woman where her death to be the second death in recent months. Ahwazi women gathered in front of the hospital building in protest against the Iranian deliberate neglect policies across Al-Ahwaz, which led to the death of a large number of Ahwazi citizens.

An Ahwazi young man named as “Fazel Atiyeh” with age of 30, married and has two kids from Abadan city died on 6th of January 2016 in “Ghosbeh” hospital due to medical negligence of hospital staff where it shows increasing number death toll by deliberate negligence.

Iranian authorities exercised multiple methods against Ahwazi Arabs in order to pressure them for the demographics change in favour of the non-Arab settlers where the issue of stopping the population growth is the most important of these methods.

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