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New updates about the Ahwazi prisoners in Sheyban and Sepidar prisons

Ahwazi prisons such as Sheyban and Sepidar has witnessed prisoners’ revolts on Monday and Tuesday the 30-31 of March 2020 in an attempts from prisoners to escape and save their lives from wide spread COVID19 within prisons and prisoners.

Sheyban prison’s wards such as five, six and eight as well as Sepidar prison that include mixture of Male and female prisoners, were under prisoners’ revolts in such way that the jailers has opened gun fire towards prisoners and many of them were wounded and killed.

According to reliable sources quoted to the Centre that protection soldiers within Sheyban prison has received an order from higher IRGC department (could not identify the exact department), that any prisoners that done minor revolt (or riots according to Iranian occupation officials) is subject to direct shooting even if it kill the prisoners. The armed guards and from short distance were shooting live bullets(military and hunting guns) directly towards  prisoners and one bullet has killed minimum one prisoner and wounding another one. The source is stating that the scale of death and wounds are too high as the prisons promises were fully red colour of prisoners blood.

The wards five and six has been burnt almost fully and while the mentions wards were under severe fire flames, the prisons’ guards were firing teargas and live bullets towards prisoners. The source while explaining the prisons (Sheyban) circumstances was strongly horrified and shocked said that most of the prisoners were either burnt and injured or killed.

Another source quoted to the Centre that during the Sepidar prison’s crackdown on Monday 30th of March 2020, the Iranian regime has used IRGC male and female plain cloth (undercover) intelligence service forces and some prisoners were successful in escaping Sepidar prison and some were killed in the nearby streets by undercover forces. Most of the wounded prisoners due to lack of ambulances has been transferred by IRGC “Land Cruiser” cars that are been used for military purposes, the source added.

 Although the majorities of prisoners’ families are not informed about the beloved sons health and even when families are referring to hospitals, the hospital incharge refrain to answering any question regards the prisoner’s existence or not. Some of the prisoners has been admitted in the hospital’s women section (ward) in an attempt from intelligence service to hid the prisoners from their families, the source added.

The Centre received details of Ahwazi martyr named as Mr. Ali Zergany son of Fakher, 21 years old resident of “Ghalaat Kanaan”, died in Sepidar prison revolt on Tuesday 31st of March 2020.

Mr Ali Zergany

 Another Ahwazi name that is Mr. Mehdi Silawi, 27 years old and resident of “Mallashyeh” neighbourhood of Ahwaz capital, was serving his sentence in Sheyban prison when the revolt taken place. He was wounded and burnt very bad in prison and has been transferred to capital hospital of “Taleghani”. He passed away three days after his transfer.

Mr Mehdi Silawi

Mr. Adel Naseri , 35 years old, married and has child while he was waiting for his release shot dead during the revolt in Sepidar prison. The Iranian intelligence service has informed the family that Adel passed away due to unknown reasons on Monday the 6th of April 2020. The family while taking the body to bury him, has witnessed that Adel been shot with live bullets from his noise. 

Mr. Adel Naseri

Another Ahwazi prisoner from Sheyban prison has been wounded and his fate is up to moment is not clear. Mr. Abdullah Moramazi, 27 years old, son of Jawad from ward eight has been wounded and his family could not get any information about him so far.

The Centre has received details of Ahwazi young that died in the Iranian intelligence solitary confinement. Mr. Eisa Mansuri son of Ramazan while he was under barbaric torture for three months, the family on Thursday the ninth of April 2020 has been informed that he passed away by (heart attack!!).

Mr. Mansuri was in Ahwaz capital detention centre and his file responsible name is criminal Zolfaghari.

Mr. Eisa Mansuri

Finally the Centre received information of Ahwazi child that been kidnapped on Wednesday 8th of April 2020.  Master Odey Khouwayat son of Jafar, 16 years old and resident of Falahieyh city, while he was going back to his home, been chased by a black Peugeot car with no car plate and after he was trapped in street corner , while he was shouting started fighting with two member of intelligence service , led to arrival of his two cousins for help but the another two undercover forces get out of the cars brining out their pistols and started firing bullets to disperse the cousins and they have taken the child with them in car and run away. There is no news from the child so far.  

dey Khouwayat

Report by:

Mr. Salah Negravi

Mr. Tareq Chawerdi

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights 


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