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Update #2 about the Ahwazi prisoners in Sheyban and Sepidar prisons

The Iranian occupation regime’s human rights violations are continues against defenseless Ahwazi people with a full silence of global human rights communities that let the regime to exercise heinous crimes on the daily basis.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has understand from military source within Ahwaz that number of both prisons’ casualties are more than hundred. The source added that “ while the Sheyban prison went under fire and fire flames is burning the prisoners, the prison head refused to open the prison gates”. Although the prison’ gates did not opened in contrast the prison head ordered soldiers to fire teargas and live bullets against prisoners in move to crackdown revolt inside the prison.

The source added that “ some of the prisoners rushed towards the prison’s medical clinic and started to take (swallow) overdose medicine in an attempt that the prison guards will send them to outside prison hospital and treat them, but the all prisoners who take overdose medicine has died in complete ignorance and in front of  prison incharge”.

The ACHR has also realized that prisoners in the Abadan prison has exercised revolt on Thursday the 9th of April 2020 in an attempt to free themselves from COVID-19. As the result of revolt, three prisoners has been died and one has been identified as Mr. Ghasem Chaabawi with 28 years old. Martyr Chaabawi reported been shot in his head. The sources said that moments prior to the revolt, some of the prison soldiers has been replaced with IRGC trained personnel, and the personnel has dealt the revolt in a complete barbaric and brutal way.

The Iranian occupation intelligence service department day after revolt (31st of March 2020) has informed family of prisoner Mousa Mazraeh son of Kazem and resident of “Abo-Homeytha” town that their son has died in the Sheyban prison revolt.  The family went into mourning for three day for the lose of their beloved son and the family exactly received phone call from one of the Ahwazi hospitals on Saturday 11th of April 2020 that their son’s hands burnt severely and his body injured in different parts by live bullets . the hospital is asking for the money to do several operations on the prisoner that burned and shot by Iranian occupation regime forces.  

Report by: Aref Baghlani

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights 


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