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Iranian security forces launch campaign of mass arrests in different part of Al-Ahwaz

According to reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that a large number

of forces belonging to the Iranian intelligence services raided different districts of Al-Ahwaz and arrested number of Ahwazi activists and transferred them to an unknown location in recent days.


The Iranian intelligence apparatus raided the home of Ahwazi captive named as Mr. Mohammed sari son of Sabah, aged 22 years in a “Althoura” district of Ahwaz capital on Tuesday, Nov. 15, and after his arrest been transferred to an unknown location.

The source added Mohammed sari and his family were surprised on Tuesday morning, when Iranian intelligence entering to their house in the “Althoura” district in the capital city of Ahwaz, where they had detained Mohammed and took him to an unknown location.

In the similar context an Ahwazi photographer and cultural activist named Hakim Marwani was abducted from his home in the Mallashyeh district of Ahwaz capital in the early hours of Saturday the November 19, by unidentified men believed to be regime intelligence agents.

According to Ahwazi activists, quoting members of Hakim’s family, the men stormed the family’s home at around 5:00 a.m., giving no prior notification and without identifying themselves, dragging him from his bed and taking him, along with his cell phone, to an unknown destination.  His mother was reportedly so traumatised by the violent raid on her home and her son’s abduction that she suffered from heart attack shortly afterwards, being rushed to Golestan Hospital where she remains in a critical condition.

The sources added that Ahwazi detainee Mr. Marwani is a student in Ahwaz University and an active in the artistic and cultural field, specifically in the field of design and gain fame among people of his age in Al-Ahwaz, and won first place in the competition under the title of “mother image”.

Hakim’s family members reportedly visited all the Iranian regime authorities’ offices where he might have been taken, seeking any information on his whereabouts, but were sent away empty-handed with no information about the talented Ahwazi Arab young artist.

Likewise, the Iranian intelligence service has arrested the Ahwazi young in the “Althoura” district in the capital city of Ahwaz, named as Ali Sari son of Hussein with age 25 on early hours of Friday the 18th of November 2016 and took him to unknown destination.

Despite of wide search of Mr. Sari’s family for their beloved son in different prison or detentions’ centres, they could not find any answer from the Iranian authorities.

Another Ahwazi reliable source quoted to ACHR that Iranian intelligence service has arrested another Ahwazi Arab activist from Hamidiyeh city named as Mohammed Mohammedi (Abiyat) from his home in the “Alallwa” neighbourhood on Wednesday the 17th of November 2016 without prior warning and took him to an unknown destination and the Iranian authorities refused to disclose any information about his fate.

The source added that the Mr. Mohammed Mohammedi aged 20 years already was two years in prison for his cultural activity and the authorities released him on heavy bail.

ACHR denounced strongly the indiscriminate campaign of arrest launched by the Iranian intelligence forces, expressing that the arrests are in contrary to all international laws and norms as it is not based on legal grounds as well as the intelligence agents during a raid to the homes of Ahwazi Arab citizens, they searched the house and trample the property of citizens and provoke horror and fear among children and women and they beat a detainee in front his family.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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