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New details about two Ahwazi detainees sentenced to death

Mr. Ghasem Abdullah, born in 1986, married, had two children from the villages of “Beit Derchal” and Abdullah Karamoalah Kaab, born in 1980, married with three children from the “Shawour” village, the two detainees were arrested on October 21, 2015, along with seven others detainees by the Iranian Intelligence service has been sentenced to “Moharebeh” and then sentenced to death in the first branch of Ahwaz Revolutionary Court through communication with the outside world, membership in opposition groups and propaganda against the regime. All defendants in the court denied the allegations.

Two defendants sentenced to death have never had any phone calls or family visits. A source said that the two detainees had been detained since their arrest in security detention centre. The families of the two activists were informed of their children’s death sentences on 31st of August this year and are unaware of the legal process.

The source reports that the families of the convicts are repeatedly referred to Ahwaz Revolutionary Court and security agencies, and they did not know their son’s physical condition and fate.

Four of the defendants are released on bail, and three other defendants each one have been sentenced to 25 years in prison and are now in Masjed Soleiman Prison, and released defendants said: “We have been accused of shooting at Dezful’s mourning board.” It is a charge that we all did not accept, and even Ghasem and Abdullah told the judge that the intelligence agency knew who are the shooters were involved in Safi Abad, Dezful shooting, and we have nothing to do with this matter.

Two years ago, unknown people using Peugeot car started shooting to one the base of the mourning mosque of Qamar Bani Hashim in Safi Abad, Dezful, killing two people who, where several days after the incident, Iranian intelligence service arrested 15 Ahwazi citizens in the villages around Susa.

Abdullah Karamoalah Kaab, one of the sentenced to death, in the court dismisses the charges that attributed to him and said to the judge: “It is true that I am a Sunni activist and the security service knows that we have nothing to do with the subject of Safi Abad, my only crime is I am a Sunni and I oppose any violence. Another defendant Majed Bait Abdullah in the court told the judge that if you want to execute us, go ahead but Do not attribute to us a crime what we have not done.

The relatives of Ghasem Abdullah that is sentenced to death said: The night of the incident at Safi Abad, Dezful, Ghasem was the guardian of the heavy machine of Fatah al-Mubin project that is located on the Shawour-Susa route, and there is strong evidence of this.

The Islamic Council of the villages of the defendant’s home, religious leaders and a number of people in the region, in a letter to the judicial and security authorities, have emphasized that these individuals are innocent and have nothing to do with the accusations attributed to them.

The families of two Ahwazi prisoners that were sentenced to death called for all human rights organizations to rise the voice of their children to the international community. The families said our children are innocent and the accusations attributed to them by the Iranian judicial and security authorities are not correct.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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