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More arrest against Ahwazi young

According to the reliable source, The Iranian occupation forces launched a security raids against a number of Ahwaz activists in different part of Al-Ahwaz, which forcibly kidnapped citizens and led them to an unknown location.

Source revealed that large forces of the Iranian occupation police raided the neighbourhood of “Althoura” west of the Ahwaz capital on the evening of Tuesday, October 10 2017, and arrested two Ahwazi activists named as Mr. Rasoul Sari son of Nabi, and his brother Mohammed Sari, while they were in the restaurant “Ahla Alayali” in Farahani Street, which they own, and took them to an unknown location.

source stated that the security officers destroyed the contents of the restaurant and closed after the arrest of activists without stating the reasons for their arrest, noting that the two brothers Rasoul and Mohammad Sari, aged 30 and 24, respectively.

In similar context sources revealed that the Iranian occupation forces has raids houses of Ahwazi activist and arrests an Ahwazi young in the “Hajiyeh” village on Wednesday, the October 11 2017.

Iranian forces raided the home of the 27-year-old activist, Mohammed Ibn Abdul Amir, who is married and has two children. He was arrested after beating him and then taken to an unknown location. His fate is still unknown.

The family of the detainee demanded the occupation forces for the place and the reason for his arrest, but as always they have not received any response from the Iranian authorities.

These barbaric and oppressive practices implemented by the occupation forces against the activists and the people of the defenceless Al-Ahwaz were considered as a fatal blow to human rights, while the Ahwazis are being pursued in various inhumane ways and one by one are arrested and abducted, where their fate becomes unknown.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has published a reports recently about indiscriminately and arbitrary arrest against Ahwazi people that shows the rise of suppression and persecution against Ahwazi youth.

The news’ picture was sent by Ahwazi activist that shows a raid carried out by Iranian security and police in arresting one of the detainees that taken place in recent days.

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian authorities has pursued through the numerous raids and arrests in the occupied Al-Ahwaz state to suppress the defenceless people of Al-Ahwaz to desist them from demanding their stolen rights for more than nine decades.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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