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The Iranian intelligence service arrested a 15 years old female student in Abadan city

The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran (also known as Ettela’at) arrested a 15 years old female student in Abadan.

According to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights’ sources Ettela’at arrested a 15 years old female student in Abadan.

On Tuesday 17th of October 2017 Ettela’at arrested Ma’edeh Sha’bani-Nejad (Amouri) born in 2003, a student from Abadan city. Also Ettela’at Sieged, searched and took Ma’edeh from Sha’bani-Nejad’s house.

Mandeh is currently doing year 6. According to her relatives; Ettela’at told Sha’bani-Nejad’s family that they have been told to arrest and detain Ma’edeh and send her to Ettela’at’s prison in Ahwaz. Ma’edeh is still detain there.

Ma’edeh‘s father, (Shahid) a great poet and was a member of a cultural institute Alhiwar (Dialogue) which most of them were arrested and executed by the Iranian regime in 2008. Around that time, Shahid ran away to Iraq to seek asylum but was sentenced to five years of imprisonment after being subjected to physical and psychological torture on charges of illegally entering Iraq.

In late 2010 UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Iraq accepted Shahid as an asylum seeker, but in early 2011 Shahid was handed in to Iranian regime by the Iraq government. Iranian regime arrested him immediately.

In 2016 Someone billed Shahid. he got out of prison then ran away to a safe country. The pressure from the Iranian security forces on this family in Iran, the arrest of his daughter caused the return of Shahid to Iran.


We, Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights are calling on all human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and the European Parliament to address the situation of Ahwazi Arabs prisoners and put an end to torturing human rights and political’s prisoners and stop human rights violations towards Ahwazis and and other non-Persian nations, human rights and political’s prisoners.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

Written by Hossein Bouazar

Date: 19/10/2017

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