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Waste of alcohol company causes health problems in Ahwaz city

While Ahwaz region is struggling with various environmental problems like Dust, Air Pollution, Water Diversion and unknown diseases in recent years, the disgusting stench of alcohol increased to those problems.

The Ahwazi Arab people smell horrible stench of alcohol that alledgedly caused serious breathing problems for children and elders . From that time it was said that the alcohol company is the source of this smell but so far nothing has been done by Iranian authorities to stopping the bad smell.

Razi lcohol factory in Ahwaz capital producing 30 to 32 million liters of alcohol, but it produces large amount of harmful vinas materials and since the factory has no filtration system, vinas collection discharged into the pool of company and these pools are the main source of bad odor emission throughout the Ahwaz city and suburbs.

The area of the pools is 40 hectares and they collected 600 thousand cubic of vinas material and factory produces 100 cubic meters of sewage per day and With these conditions, the main cause of the bad odor emission in Ahwaz is the alcohol company.

Vinas or an alcohol company waste is introduced to be the main cause of the bad odor emission in Ahwaz. Razi alcohol factory which has been constructed 35 kilometers away from Ahwaz capital and exactly located in deprived areas of “Sweisah”.

“Vinas” is very foul-smelling substance which remains from the company waste products that are entering into certain ponds that are intended to collect the vinas material.


There are voices from Ahwazi Arab people demanding closure of the alcohol company for its health and environment implications but Iranian authorities are ignoring the Ahwazi’s demand and keep continuing to its human rights violations.

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