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Vast raids and arrest in Al-Ahwaz capital

Human rights activists from Ahwaz reported to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that the Iranian security forces have launched a

raids and abduction to a number of Ahwazi activists in Alshekarah area. According to sources, kidnappings comes on the background of the teaching Holy Quran and the Arabic language sessions at the home of one of the detainees called as Mohammad Timas Alsilawi (Abu Nasar).


The sources added that these raids have taken place between 8:00 to 9:00 pm on Monday, the 10th of November 2014, when detainees were busy with learning Holy Quran.

These arrests included all those present at religious meeting where Ahwazi activists get the following names:

1)     Mohammad Timas Alsilawi (Abu Nasar)

2)     Nasar Mohammad Timas Alsilawi (Abu Anas)

3)     Ahmad Balawi

4)     Abbas Sawari

5)     Hussein Bawi

6)     Ahmad Haidari (Abu Hawra)

7)     Hachem Naseri

8)     Mohammad Saeidi (from Swiyseh village)

9)     Hussein Hazbawi (from Swiyseh village)

10)  Abu Masuod Badawi

11)  Sayed Jasem Alboshokeh

12)  Aqeil Saedi

13)  Amin Saedi

14)  Mohammad Saedi (Amin’s brother)

15)  Hamid Haidari (Ahwazi famous poet)

16)  Qathban Beit Sayah.


The sources added that two of detainees by the names of Abu Amin Saedi and Abu- Mansour Saedi were released due to their old age after hours of interrogation and torture.


In such raids, the security forces, without any legal justification, and also no arrest notes from the court system itself, surrounding the houses and scarring the children and women by kidnapping the men and tortured them in Iranian intelligence detention.


It is worth mentioning that the non-Persian peoples in the political geography of Iran, Including the Ahwaz Arab people, deprived of education in their mother tongue, So Ahwazis trying to maintain their language and Arab identity through the learning of the Holy Quran. But the usurper Iranian regime Unlike false claim to prevent Ahwazi Arab from even learning the Holy Quran in a systematic plan to wipe out the Arab identity of the Ahwazi Arab people.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemned the mass arrest of Ahwazi Arab People without any charge and any permission from the court, and asking the international human rights organisation to put Iran under pressure to free all detainees from the Iranian intelligence services.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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