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Ahwazi Arabs homes demolished by Iranian authority

Day after day, the Iranian political lines revealed and the effect lies against the Arabs is shrinking, where their isolation popularly deepening through racial behavior against the peoples of non-Persian nationalities.
Perhaps the last great manifestations – It definitely will not be the last- The Iranian authority Brutal attack to demolish the Ahwazi Arab Houses a few days ago in the Om Alghezlan neighborhood, especially in the poorest and most miserable than the rest of the Arab areas, in Ahwaz capital could be best example of the trust shrinking.


On 15 November 2014, Iranian bulldozers raided the poor Ahwazi Arabs homes to be swept away for several pretexts, as part of a criminal attempts to eradicate the Ahwazi Arab people from their land and keep them away from their living and their childhood areas.


The parameters of this crime are clear and it should shake the consciences of all over the world and specifically those who claim to care about the future of the Ahwazi Arab people.


The brave resistance of the Ahwazi women that stood in front of bulldozers has glittery lesson to all Ahwazi Arab people in particular and other nations in general, where they forced Bulldozers drivers and those who stand behind them to withdrawal their machine in front of their resistance insistence.


This is not the first incident of demolishing Ahwazi Arab’s houses where a 15-year-old Ahwazi Arab boy, Morteza Alsoweidi, was shot down during a demonstration against the actions of security services on 12 April 2013.


Colonel Chabok Sawar killed Alsoweidi as he joined local people in protesting against the destruction of Arab houses in the area where he lived with his family. He lived in the village of Al-Chenebah in the Sayed Mousa area.

Such brutal and unjustified policies are conducted in consistent with forced displacement and migration of the Ahwazi Arab people who are extremely punishing due to subjection to the outrageous ethnic cleansing policies of the Iranian authorities.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemned such brutal and unjustified policies carried out by Iranian authorities against poor Ahwazi Arab and calls upon human rights organization to put pressure on Iranian authorities to stop the demolition of the Ahwazi Arab homes and confiscating their properties.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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