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Rise of suicides and arrest in Al-Ahwaz

According to reliable information that received from the media Centre for Ahwazi Revolution that

Mr Ali Saddam Al Souwaidi, brother of the Ahwazi activist Adel Al Souwaidi been arrested in the Al Hajjiyah village of the Khafajiyah city in Al Ahwaz on Sunday 18th of January 2015.


Ali Saddam Al Souwaidi aged 30 years is married and has two daughters whose names Balkis aged 16 years and Shahad aged 7 years, lives in Hajjiyah village and is known for his peaceful political activities and his Sunni religious trends in Khafajiyah city and the villages.

The sources also said that four vehicles belonging to the Iranian intelligence forces surrounded Al Souwaidi’s house then raided it and arrested Ali Saddam Al Souwaidi and they seizure and forfeiture of all computers and mobile devices inside the house.

Sources also said that the Iranian authorities tried to arrest Ali Saddam Al Souwaidi’s daughter, Balkis, prompting anger simmers in the whole house, therefore the girl’s grandfather and grandmother forcibly intervened to stop the Iranian’s force from arresting the girl, Balkis.

According to trusted source that reported to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that a young Ahwazi Arab engineer named Amir Khazaei hanged himself on Monday 05-January 2015.

Amir finished his studies in India since 2009-10 and after his return to country; he got married and started working as Computer Technician in Industrial oil, gas, petrochemical & pipeline systems material provider in Abadan south of Ahwaz Capital. However, it did not take long when the Iranian authorities without giving any legal reason sacked him from job.

After that Amir suffered very severe and challenging living conditions as a result of dire economic problems.

He became very frustrated due to his inability to fulfil his family’s needs that led him to take the decision to end his life by hanging himself by rope in his room.

The major constraints include lack of job opportunities and difficult economic conditions that systematically imposed on the Ahwazis by the Iranian authority.

In similar context, Ahwazi Human right activist confirmed that an Ahwazi Arab soldier suicide due to constant pressure and racial discrimination that conducted by the Iranian commanders against him.

22-years- old Ja’afar Ghezlawi, an Ahwazi soldier, was serving his compulsory military service in Marine forces of the naval base of the Revolutionary Guards in “Sheikh Shoaib Island” (Lawan) located in the south of Ahwaz.

Jafar before his death informed his family that he had been experiencing cruel racial maltreatment by the order of Iranian Commodores.

He told his parents that he was subjecting to racial humiliating treatments by Jafar Bostani, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard officer that is known for his racism and hatred towards Ahwazi Arab people. Thus, he is no longer able to endure such ruthless and racist ill treatment.

Suffering extreme pressures led to his mental collapse and ultimately suicide was his inevitable fate.  According to Jafar’s relatives he had shot himself in the head by his gun at dawn.

It said that he was a well-known athlete residing with his family in Malashiya neighborhood of Ahwaz capital.

Recently suicide cases have shockingly increased among Ahwazis due to the ongoing pressures arising from criminal policies carried out by the Iranian authorities toward the Arab people of Ahwaz.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the racial discrimination and rise of unemployment between Ahwazi Arab that led to difficult life economic conditions, which result in suicides among Ahwazi people and calls upon all human rights defenders and organisations to put pressure on Iran to stops its criminal policies, and request to condemn Iran in 28 session of the united nations that’s going to be held in March 2015 in Geneva.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

Member of International Association of rights and freedoms


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