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The Ahwaz Centre For Human Rights declares its Solidarity with the southern Azerbaijan demonstrators

According to  the latest news received by the Ahwaz Center For Human Rights, from human rights activists of South Azerbaijan in the north west of the political map of Iran since 22end May 2011, there are scattered demonstrations between time and the other and from place to place in many cities and towns areas and  demonstrators are demanding their legitimate and  humanitarian rights  that have been violated forcibly and confiscated by the ruling regime in Iran for decades.e

The Ahwaz center For Human Rights declares its Solidarity with the demonstrators and full support to them and to their humanitarian demands guaranteed by all heavenly laws and international treaties and charters and the Ahwazi Centre calls all international organizations and humanitarian institutions, led by the the United Nations Organization and the Human rights Council, as well as the  Amnesty international Organization and Human Rights Watch and the Arab Gulf- European Human Rights Center to stand with the people of South Azerbaijan and the advocacy in their struggle to recover their national and historical rights honoring treaties that requires the organizations themselves to complete and stand by with oppressed people and their confiscated rights. Also the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights includes its voice to the voices of the claimants for the legitimate rights and freedom fighters in order to maintain human dignity and liberty of extracting the dispossessors in the cities and towns of South Azerbaijan and all the oppressed regions of Iran’s political map.e

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights 26/05/2011

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