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Condemnation against execution of Kurdish activists in Iran

Condemnation against execution of Kurdish activists in Iran

“Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights” clarify their condemnation against arbitrary executions issued by the Revolutionary Court in Iran against the sons of the Kurdish nation.e

Ahwazi Center For Human Rights severely denounces unfair sentences issued by the Revolutionary Court in Iran against the Kurdish activists, especially the repeated executions sentences that take the lives of citizens who are demanding their legitimate humanitarian and internationally recognized rights.e
Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights considers all death sentences against the Kurdish people and other nations in what so called Iran (South Azrbaijan, Kurdistan, Arabs of Al- Ahwaz, Baluchistan, South Turkmenistan and Persian) and in particular the recent court decisions made in branch 28 in the Revolutionary Court against Behnam Rahimi, Asghar Rahimi, Yawar Rahimi, Mukhtar Rahimi, Bahman Rahimi and Mardan Maleki, as unfair  and void and issued by a mentality of racism and chauvinism toward anyone from non-Persian nations who opposes racism and discriminatory policies in what so called Iran.e
These inhuman sentence in the twenty first century against innocent people truly reflects the reactionary mentality of the rulers in Iran, and the brutality in dealing with the demands of humanitarian and legitimate that the Kurdish people and next to them all the non- Persian nations straggling to achieve,  and the cruelty of the Iranian dictators will not soften the will of these peoples to continue to claim their rights usurped and confiscated by chauvinism and racism that was to rule the former shah and today represents the rule of clerical dictatorship.e


Ahwazi Center for Human Rights

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