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Al-Ahwaz: Iran waged arrests against Ahwazi Arab following the Eid al-Fitr celebrations

According to reliable sources from Al-Ahwaz, mass demonstration has been taken place in various part of Al-Ahwaz on 17,18,19-July 2015.


Ahwazi Arab people were celebrating Eid Fitr by their own custom and traditions where they faced extreme crackdown by Iranian intelligence and revolutionary guards forces.


Al-Ahwaz has seen mass demonstrations in several cities, including the capital city of Ahwaz and Hamidieh in the evening of Friday, 17- July -2015, In protest against the preventing Ahwazi Arab people from celebrating of Eid al-Fitr with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries and also deterioration of living conditions where there are high rate of unemployment and impoverishment among Ahwazi Arab people who are living on one of the large oil reservist in the world.

Mr Hussein Hardan son of Nabi has been arrested on 15-July 2015 without any prior notice or legal admittance from court where up to written of this report, there is no news from him just after three day of his arrest, the intelligence service has confirmed to his family that Mr hardan is in their detentions.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights could identified the following names that been arrested on 16-17-July 2015:

1)     Ahwazi poet Bashir Al-Thabi from Shebyesheh district,

2)     Abed Mohammad Alkaabi from Susa city,

3)     Amn Salim Ouwayed from Susa city,

4)     Salem Farhan Kenani from Susa city,

5)     Mehdi Emad Chebishat from Susa city and

6)     Hadi Hussein Alhoseini from Susa city.

On 19th of July 2015 many men were taken and arrested, they are:
•Ahmad Al-mtawari from Al Darweesheh district, he is 19 years old.
•Issa Al-nasri from Koot Abdallah, he is 27 years old.
•Ali Khasraji
•Hamzeh Al-sary
•Abas Mohammadi
•Mohammad Al-tamimy
•Hssan Rashdy
•Mahdi Al-sary
•Rida Al-Salhi

Ÿ Sadegh Abedali Saaedi from Khafajiyeh city, he is 26 years old.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the arbitrary arrest and detentions against defenceless Ahwazi Arab people whom their crime was celebrating Eid by their own traditions and with other Arabic countries which is shows how Iranian officials are violating basic United Nations conventions and freedom of speech and the Ahwazi Centre calls to all Human Rights Organisations and defenders specially United Nations rapporteur Mr Ahmad Shaheed to put pressure on Iranian officials to release all detainees without any conditions.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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