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The last survivors of Ahwazi local deer is in a complete danger of disappearance

In a time where Al-Ahwaz were hosting a large number of valuable species of local deer and lived in its plains in a peace

for long time, but over the past few years Al-Ahwaz has lost almost all species of deer in its habitats and left with small and fragile quantity, may be less than the 10 to 15 deer in Mishdakh protected area.


According to the latest census conducted after Iranian-Iraqi war and consequences of drought phenomena caused by Iranian officials in diverting Ahwazi Rivers, Mishdakh gazelle’s number has reached about 40 piece, However, a canal that was built by the Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) Water and Electricity office, It takes gazelles life one by one and their generation is faced with complete extinction.

The water channel called “Paye Pol Canal ” which is deep and without safeguards build to irrigation and drainage of agricultural lands and passes from Mishdakh area.

The canal was inaugurated two years ago without any permit and environmental assessment, and about 15 kilometers passes into the protected area of Mishdakh.

Thirsty gazelles come closer to canal to drink water at night, and due to the steep and smooth sides of the channel, it fallen in and submerged in water.

Despite of the existence of deep channel and without any safeguards, in addition to wild animals, it’s risky for human life and local residents. Ten-year-old boy from the Mozan village jumped into the channel to save one of his sheep and unfortunately lost their lives.

Deputy General director of Environmental Protection in Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) said: “The Paye Pol canal” has been created without any environmental assessment and regardless of the technical discussions on how to transfer water, it has become main cause of the destruction of the only remaining deer population in the Al-Ahwaz

In similar context, according to report by semi official Fars news on 22-06-2013, So far, 31 heads of 70 heads of deer died in Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) due to the influx of Myaz Flies that comes due to drought.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has issued warningthat Ahwazi fallow deer situation are under numerous threats such as habitat destruction, poaching, and this lead to its long decline and near extinction. Also they are suffering from the effects of small population size.

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