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A group of Ahwazi Arab activists transferred to notorious Karoon Prison

On August 16, 2014 Mohammad Batrani and other his two brothers, Abbas Sawari, Mohammad Sayahi and Assad Salehi who were arrested on August

10, 2014 by Iranian intelligence services, has been transferred to notorious Karoon Prison.


According to reliable resources from Al-Ahwaz who informed Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights, this group with other Ahwazi Arab activists due to their participation for visiting the homes of the families of executed political prisoners for the occasion of Eid al-Fitr (the day marking the end of Ramadan), on August 10, 2014 has been arrested.

The visit event is held each year, but this year Ahwazi Arab Activist from Althoura district (Koye Alawi), Kot Abdullah and Mallashya made magnificent ceremony by saying national and epic poems, went to visit the homes of the families of executed political prisoners, where apparently the visiting event has been angered by security forces and intelligence services arrested a number of Ahwazi Arab Activists.







Mr. Mohammad Sayahi

Mohammad Sayahi which resides in Althoura district reported been arrested in 2005 Ahwazi Intifada and being tortured for several months without any fair trial.

Mr Sayahi has a free job opportunity in Ahwaz since been banned from governmental work.

On 2005 and after his release, psychologist and physiotherapist have treated Mr Sayahi where he was horrifically tortured by Iranian intelligence services.









Mr. Assad Salehi

Mr. Assad Salehi, 27 year old, Ahwazi Arab activist, holds a degree in chemistry from Shahid Chamran University and employee in Abadan oil refinery was arrested on July 29, 2014 by security forces.

According to his family, there are signs of physical torture on his body.

Prior to this arrest Iranian authorities had held Salehi in detention for six months, between winter 2013 and spring 2014, until a revolutionary court acquitted him of all charges.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strictly condemn the mass arresting of cultural Ahwazi Arab Activists and urge international Human Rights associations to put Human rights with other aspects who Iranian government has violated them.


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