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Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights’ representative visit the refugees in French Calais port

By the invitation from the Scottish “Stand up against racisms human right organization, member of Ahwazi Centre for Human Right on 17-10-2015, has visited large number of refugees from Africa and Asia specially from Iraq and Syria, and Ahwazi delegation, along with a humanitarian delegation actors on the Britain and international institute listens to the demands of the refugees and their concerns and what the British government should do for their victory and opening the doors to them as asylum.

In this regards, Mr Faisal Maramazi the Executive director of Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights said:” we received an invitation from “Stand up against racisms” human right organization and based in Scottland and their activities focuses on the refugees and their support, where one of the most important duties of the centre is interest in the status of refugees in general and Ahwazi particularly at this sensitive stage where hundreds of Ahwazi flocking to Europe fleeing from the oppression of the Persian authorities.”

The human rights organizations began to gathering in front of the refugee housing (forest) at 2 pm GMT France and after that organizations began making speeches calling for the British authorities to allow the entry of thousands of refugees to the British territory and ending the tragic situation for all individuals and families who live in the jungle, And then a peaceful demonstration for human rights organizations began together with refugees from the forest toward British-French border, leading to the presence of French riot police and did not allowed the refugees to pass the border.

Mrs. Nabyeh Moramazi from the women committee was also among the Ahwazi delegation to visit the refugees and said:” Our visit to the city of Calais comes within our activities to see ground conditions for thousands of refugees and including Ahwazis waiting to enter Britain, confirmed that the delegation met with the refugees, expressing its support for them in the right of humanitarian asylum and the right to safe life insisting that the situation of refugees is deplorable.”

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