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Ahwaz workers between the hammer of non-dues and the anvil of losing their jobs

Working in very harsh conditions like high temperatures that up

to fifty degrees Celsius or often exceeds and long-time work which comes with low and a significant reduction in the wages and salaries they receive, shows that there is no guarantee or real social insurance that could assure work opportunity for Ahwazi workers.

Ahwazi workers in front of two bitter, either not receiving their dues for months or dismiss from their jobs. The Ahwazi workers has become sticking to their work and working conditions were extremely difficult and do not bring their minimum rights and belongings of the workers. Iranian authorities practice all forms of discrimination in employment of Ahwazi workers, especially for women.

Dozens of Ahwazi Arab workers in Fallahiyeh city has been peacefully demonstrated in front of the governor against their dismissal on Wednesday 30-September 2015.

Demonstrators asked governor to return them to their work as been sacked without prior notice and legal reason, where they started to work for more than a year and been replaced by Persian workers.

One of the workers who spoke to Ahwazi Centre for Human Right (ACHR) and want to be remain unknown due to security reasons said: “ First they expelled the director of our company who were having sympathy with us and then they replace non-native workers by us.”

The worker continued “ we have been threatened by the company’s authorities to replace us by non-native workers since a few months ago, and we demonstrated peacefully opposite of company but were suppressed by the security forces and five workers been arrested.”

Ahwazi Worker were raising banners and placards such as “Violation and addiction equivalent unemployment “, “Indigenous workers were dismissed officials please help us”, “Workers dismissal is an injustice to whole city”.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right condemns the Ahwazi Arab worker’s dismissal as it affecting the family and society where each worker is responsible for a family, where it violates international convention on the protection of the workers rights and calls upon United Nations special rapporteur Mr. Ahmad Shaheed to stops the Ahwazi Arab workers dismissal that coincides with changes of the Arabic demographic in Al-Ahwaz.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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