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Iran intensifies its mass arbitrary and random arrest against Ahwazis

Iranian authority has increased the pace of arrests against

Ahwazi young, where activists from Al-Ahwaz said that the security forces launched a vast raid and mass arrests in recent days.

Sources of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) confirmed that Iranian security forces arrested Ahwazi citizen Khairallah Mazreah Wednesday dawn, on 15- October-2015.

Mr Mazreah 26 years old, married and has a son of age four years and working in free business and live Malashiya district near Ahwaz capital.

At the same time the Iranian security forces arrested another Ahwazi citizen named as Mr Hassan Silawi, age 24 and a close friend of Mr Mazreah in the same disstrict.

Until the writing of the report and despite of tireless efforts and continuous follow-up from the families of the detainees and their appeal to judicial and legal authorities, they have not received any response from the authorities concerned about their children’s fate and reason of arrest.

In a related context Iranian authorities brutally arrested Mr Tarek Alhai, an Ahwazi cultural activist from the city of Alhai on Monday afternoon 19- October-2015.

Detainee Tariq, single and studying history at the University of Tustar (Shoshtar) and when he was arrested, Security forces used the ugliest and barbaric ways where caused panic and fear among children and women after they had entered the house by force and broke the main door of the house and some windows, according to sources quoted to the centre.

The arrest of Tariq was done without prior warning and without showing any arrest warrant from the court.

Meanwhile Ahwazi human rights activist quoted to the ACHR that Iranian intelligence services launched mass random arrest versus Ahwazi Arabs in Susa (Shushtar) and arrested more than 30 Ahwazi young on 21-October-2015.

Sources could identify a few names due to security situation and the name of one detainee is Mr Mohsen Kaabi age 21 years old from Susa city on 21-October- 2015.

Mr Khalil Mousawi from Falahiyeh (Shadeghan) city was arrested on Wednesday 21-October 2015. Mr Mousawi with age 30 married and has two children and working as a guard at the parks in this city.

In the meantime, the security services arrested large number of Ahwazis in Shoebiyeh district on Thursday 22-October-2015 and took them to unknown place where the name as follows:

1)   Hassan Abbas Kaabi,

2)   Ahmad Ali Kaabi,

3)   Abdullah Abbas Kaabi,

4)   Faris jasem Kaabi,

5)   Ali Falih Tamimi.

Witnesses said during the arrest, detainees’ head were covered and beaten in barbaric way in front of their families and spread fear among children and parents of detainees.

Reports from Al-Ahwaz stated that the Basij militia and intelligence security forces in the Malashiya district have carried out mass raids and arrests on Saturday, 24-October 2015 and arrested two Ahwazi youth.

Mr Naji Mojadam age 32 and Mr Ayoub  Khazraji age 26, are the names that been arrested in Malashiya district.

Iranian authorities did not express any comment regards detainee arrest and families are concerned about their son’s circumstances.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the arbitrary and random arrest against defend less Ahwazis and calls on Iranian authorities to stops its crimes and provocation against Ahwazi Arab people and the Centre demands from all human rights organisations and defenders specially Mr Ahmad Shaheed, United Nations special rapporteur to condemns the Iranian authorities criminalities against Ahwazis.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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