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Ahwazi prisoners’ extortion versus the implementation of their most basic rights

The Iranian authorities official in Karoon prison in Ahwaz capital continuing to extort Ahwazi Arab prisoners who remain in its jails versus implementing the most basic prisoner rights recognized legitimately and legally.

According to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights sources within Al-Ahwaz The Iranian authorities in Karoon prison demanded an illegal and immoral request from one Ahwazi prisoners, named as Kazem Khoshnamk (Khudayrawi) who has been in prison for more than seven years to be appears on the Iranian’s English speaking channel  “Press TV”, to condemns the Ahwazi right action for demanding their usurped rights, especially the right of self-determination and liberation of their homeland from the Iranian regime versus allowing him to take a short vacation for treatment outside the prison and at his own expense.

It is worth mentioning that the captive Kazem Khoshnamak (Khudayrawi) was arrested in 2007 and sentenced to twenty years in prison for false charges such “ acting against national security”, “propaganda against Iranian regime” and work for the Liberation of Ahwaz where he denies all charges and also suffering from several fractures in his body as a result of brutal torture practiced by the Iranian intelligence men in Karoon prison’s cells. In addition Mr Khoshnamak is suffering from diabetes and blood pressure and prisons’ incharge not allowing him to receive treatment.

Mr Kazem Khoshnamak’s family is suffering from harassment and psychological and moral pressure conducted by Iranian intelligence services where Mr Khoshnamak’s brother named as Ahmad Khoshnamk fled Iran seeking asylum to one of the European Union country due to risk of being arrest.

In the related context, Mr Ahmad Sabhan Hazbawi other Ahwazi prisoner who were released by expensive financial bail in early July 2015 was ordered to give interview with “Press TV” channel, but he refused to be interviewed with mentioned channel.

This is not the first time where Iranian prison authorities demanding inhuman and unethical request from the prisoners and especially the martyrs who executed (Hashem Shaabani Nejad and Hadi Rashidi were executed on 31-01-2014 and Ali Chobeyshat and Khaled Mousawi were executed on 12-06-2014) all were interviewed with “Press TV” by authorities’ demand to relieve their charge or been innocence, but after implementation reneged on their promise to make them supportive proof to convict the prisoners.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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