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Ahwazi child death and arrests carried out by Iranian intelligence service

According to reliable sources within Al-Ahwaz quoted that Iranian intelligence service has killed an Ahwazi youth and arrested large number of Ahwazi men and took them to unknown place.

Sources confirmed that the security forces has raided a wedding celebration in Ghoneytareh (Dezful) without prior notice or legal entry for investigation, that lead to arrest of 15 Ahwazi Arabs on Sunday 31st of January 2016.

Sources has identified a few names that been arrested and they are as follows:

  • Fahad Hamdani,
  • Ebrahim Hamdani,
  • Mahmoud Abed Hamdani,
  • Mohammad Ahmad,
  • Milad Sajad.

During the raid, an Ahwazi Child also been killed and sources has identified the name as Ahmad Kenani, 17 years old from same city on 31st of January 2016.

The Iranian intelligence service did not express any comments regarding the crime where concerns increase among the detainees’ family.

Iranian security forces have arrested the Ahwazi poet Yunis Sarkhi on Monday 1st of February 2016 and took him to unknown place.

Sources quoted that security forces raid the Sarkhi’s home and arrested him and searched the entire home without showing any legal paper from court to arrest or searching the home.

Detainee’s families referred to official department to ask about their beloved sons but so far there is no exact news about them.

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