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Iranian intelligence service has arrested five Ahwazi men

According to reliable sources within Al-Ahwaz quoted that Iranian intelligence service has been arrested five Ahwazis men and took them to unknown place.


Sources confirmed that the Ahwaz capital’s police station number 19 has arrested two Ahwazi men while they were driving their own car on Tuesday 5th of January 2016.


Activists has identified the names and they are as follows:

  • Jasem Haidari
  • Sajad Chaseb Sharhani.

In similar context the revolutionary guard with help of Basij has arrested other two Ahwazi men in Ahwaz capital on Tuesday 5th of January 2016 and their names as follows:

  • Mohammed Hassan Cheldawi, age 19 years old,
  • Emad Nasser Bayanat, age 19 years old.

So far the Iranian authorities did not express any comment regarding the arrest where the arrest been taken place without prior notice or the approval of the judicial authorities.

The detainees’ families deplores the arbitrary arrest against their beloved sons as they come significantly under psychological and moral pressure due to massive search between intelligence service’s departments and not finding any answer from authorities.

In related concept the Iranian Special Forces belongs to revolutionary guard has arrested an Ahwazi old man in Khafajiyeh city on Friday 1st of January 2016.

Detainee’s name is Mr. Dawood Sudani; 64 years old and working in Kuwait to provide expenses for his family. The prisoner was taken to an unknown location and Mr. Sudani’s family is concerning about his health as he suffers from disease.

There is no comment been disclosed from Iranian authority to justify the arrest as family demanded human rights organizations to intervene in order to reveal his fate.

This is not the first time that an old Ahwazi man been arrested where Mr Hassan Maramazi 62 years old been arrested on 17-June 2015 and Mr Toufigh Bawi 58 years old on 22-August 2015 and suffered barbaric tortured at hand of intelligence services.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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