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wave of arbitrary arrest against Ahwazi Arabs

according to reliable sources of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) the Iranian security services has launched a massive wave of arrest against Ahwazi Arab youth in various part of Al-Ahwaz.

According to sources that Iranian intelligence has arrested an Ahwazi Rasoul Zuhairi and Falah Cheldawi and transferred them to an unknown location on Sunday the 31st of July 2016.

Detainee Mr. Rasoul Zuhairi with age of 19, well known activist in cultural field and Mr. Falah Cheldawi with age of 17, both were arrested without prior notice or any legal court provisions.

There is no news regarding detainees’ whereabouts where many Ahwazi activist believes that Iranian intelligence’s arrests against Ahwazi activists is due to dissuade them from continuing their work in the cultural field.

In similar context Iranian intelligence had arrested an Ahwazi young man named as Ahmed Kaabi and taken to an unknown location on Wednesday the 20th of July 2016.

The sources added that the arrest of Ahmed came after his participation in the Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

Mr. Ahmed Kaabi were released later on with expensive financial bail after facing barbaric torture at the hand of Iranian prison authorities.

Its worth to mention t that Iranian intelligence launched an operation of arbitrary arrests before and after the Eid al-Fitr, against dozens of Ahwazi young in order to spread fear among Ahwazis in such way not to celebrate Eid event.


In another context family of the six Ahwazi detainees were pleading to the Iranian intelligence authorities for revealing their detainees’ place of detention and their heath condition also.

The detainees were arrested more then month and there is no news about them since their arrest and when the families referring to intelligence department, they will encounter with “NO” answer from related department.

Name of the detainees as follows:

1)          Ali Dailami

2)        Adel Hamdani

3)        Hassan Neissi

4)        Ali Hamdani

5)         Meysam zoghbi

6)        Naji Hamdani.

Fears and concerns as well as psychological pressure been covered up the detainee’s families’ atmosphere where up to written of the report there is no exact news about Ahwazi prisoners.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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