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An Ahwazi Arab child kidnapped with his father by Iranian intelligence

According to Ahwazi activists within Al-Ahwaz quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that Iranian intelligence service has raided Mr. Najee Kaabi’s house and arrested his son Mr. Rasool Kaabi with age of 17 on Wednesday the 15th of June 2016.

Mr. Najee Kaabi (Father) with age of 45 lives in “Moheimid” village south of Susa (Shush Persian name) city, his house been stormed by intelligence service and searched the home entirely and tampered with its contents, and arrested Mr. Rasool (Son) and took him to unknown place.

Reliable source quoted to ACHR that shortly after a few hours of arresting the son, the intelligence service has carried out another raid to same house and arrested the father Mr. Najee Kaabi and took him to unidentified place on Wednesday the 15th of June 2016.

There is no news been provided to detainees’ family by intelligence service department that increases the fear and concern among family due to their detainees are being tortured or intelligence service practices barbarically and cruelty physical and physiological assault where Mr. Najee (Father) was arrested in 2008 and sentenced to four years’ imprisonment that he spent them in Karoon and Sepidar prison in Ahwaz capital.

In different context the Iranian intelligence service has arrested an Ahwazi Arab student named as Fadhel Hamzeh and took him to unknown place on Friday the 10th of June 2016.

Mr. Fadhel with age 22 and living in “Alhamzeh” village near to Shuaibyeh city been arrested in suspicious circumstances after the arrest of a number of his relatives by Iranian intelligence service.

Mr. Fadhel previously been arrested due to his participation in the clashes between Ahwazi citizens with settlers that disturbing Ahwazi indigenous people in Shuaibyeh city and after while were release with financial bail. Mr. Fadhel’s family has no news regards whereabouts of their son up to written of this report.

Its worth to mention that Iranian government has intensively increased building new settlement in Al-Ahwaz (Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormozgan in Iranian map) region in order to change the Arabic demography of Al-Ahwaz and migrate non-Arab settlers from neighbourhood provinces of Al-Ahwaz that led to increase the clashes and confrontation between Arabs and non-Arab settlers.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the Iranian mass arrest against Ahwazi youth and children and for the release of all Ahwazi Activists without any condition and calls upon international human rights organisation specially who are involved in protecting children rights to step up and condemn Iranian arbitrary arrest against Ahwazis and put pressure on Iran to release all Ahwazi children that are in Iranian prison.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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