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Protests in Al-Ahwaz after the death of six citizens due to medical negligence

According to the Iranian local media six Ahwazi citizens passed away within a week due to medical negligence of the Sina hospital’s staff in Ahwaz capital in recent days.

The victim’s relative has gathered opposite to the Sina hospital in protest for demanding to bring all the perpetrators that committed the crime against their beloved one who has passed away. The protesters also demanded the resignation of the director of the hospital and director of the University of Medical Sciences in Ahwaz capital, which supervises the work of the hospital and provide hospital with medical cadre.

Dr.  Sayed Saheb Husseini Nejad speaking to the Iranian “Mehr” News Agency, said that the primary cause of death among the six patients was “inflammation of the intestine”, denying the existence of food poisoning or negligence by the hospital staff, despite the insistence of the deceased patients’ families that the principal cause of death was lack of adequate medical attention or nourishment for patients.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has an interview with one of the victim’s relative regarding the Golestan hospital stuff negligence that led to death of their son recently. “My brother who is (name: H and Surname: Sh) is in age of 30 was suffering from normal illness, when we referred to Golestan hospital, they told us that Mr. H suffering from kidney failures and hospital do not have necessary renal dialysis equipment and ask the family to buy the equipment urgently to do dialysis.”

“we bought the required stuff and they did the dialysis process for Mr. H does not get well where we finally found out the Golestan hospital staff has used dialysis pipe that been used before by another patient that led to blood infection and finally led to death of Mr. H.”

“Mr. H is married and has one boy and while his wife was pregnant, he passed away and his wife and two kids left without supervision and hospital’s authorities always escaping from taking responsibilities.”

Some secret reports stating that more than 19 patients has passed away in recent five months that clearly proves that medical negligence that leading to death of mass renal dialysis patients.

The representative of Ahwaz at the Iranian Shura Council, Jawad Al-Baji, visited the hospital on Sunday, accompanied by other Shura Council members, meeting with protesters, hospital officials, and the patients still in intensive care.   Al-Baji told the state Tasnim News Agency that the hospital should be closed due to its substandard facilities and patients transferred to a better one, adding that at present it doesn’t even meet the standards required of a health clinic, suffering from long-term neglect and poor maintenance.

Al-Ahwaz region is suffering from various kinds of cancer and other unknown illness where many Iranian media warned about the tsunami of cancer illness against Ahwazi Arabs due to severe air pollution that hit the region since beginning of this century as well as burning sugar cane waste that has intensive impact to the Ahwazi Arab people life.

Ahwazi activist consider that the severely contaminated water supply in the region, caused by a number of factors including the oil and gas industries and untreated industrial waste being released into the rivers by regional manufacturers, is a primary reason for the abnormally high levels of kidney diseases among Ahwazi Arabs, which lead to a disproportionate number of deaths among the peoples there.

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